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AssemblyAI Introduces German STT and Enhances PII Detection

Rongchai Wang Jun 15, 2024 08:23

AssemblyAI adds German Speech-to-Text support and improves PII and Entity Detection models.

AssemblyAI Introduces German STT and Enhances PII Detection

AssemblyAI has announced significant upgrades to its services, including the addition of German Speech-to-Text (STT) in its Universal-1 model and enhancements to its Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Entity Detection models, according to AssemblyAI.

German Speech-to-Text Added to Universal-1

The AI company has integrated German language support into Universal-1, its most advanced multilingual STT model. This update allows users to transcribe German audio and video with high accuracy, making it easier for developers to incorporate German language transcription into their applications.

The Universal-1 model is known for its high performance in speech recognition across multiple languages. With the addition of German, AssemblyAI continues to expand its linguistic capabilities, catering to a broader audience and enhancing user experience.

Improved PII and Entity Detection Models

AssemblyAI has also upgraded its English model for PII Text Redaction and Entity Detection. The improvements enhance the accuracy of detecting and removing personally identifiable information and other entities from transcripts, ensuring higher data security and compliance with privacy regulations.

New features in the updated models include the detection of 16 new entities such as vehicle_id and account_number. Additionally, the PII Text Redaction model now supports four more languages: Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, and Georgian, bringing the total to 47 languages.

These improvements allow developers to generate transcripts with sensitive information removed, utilizing AssemblyAI's advanced audio intelligence models.

Additional Resources and Community Engagement

AssemblyAI encourages developers to explore the enhanced capabilities of Universal-1 and the updated PII and Entity Detection models through their detailed documentation. The company is also inviting users to share their projects and join the conversation on social media platforms like Twitter, using the hashtag #AssemblyAI and mentioning @AssemblyAI.

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