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Animoca Brands and EVG Solidify Partnership with Strategic Cross-Investments

Alvin Lang Jun 03, 2024 13:17

Animoca Brands and EVG announce strategic partnership with cross-investments to enhance Web3 ecosystem.

Animoca Brands and EVG Solidify Partnership with Strategic Cross-Investments

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, a leader in advancing digital property rights for gaming and the open metaverse, has announced a strategic partnership with Everest Ventures Group (EVG), a prominent Web3 venture builder in Asia. The partnership includes cross-investments in each other’s projects, according to Animoca Brands.

Strategic Partnership Details

This latest agreement aims to strengthen the long-standing collaboration between Animoca Brands and EVG, focusing on driving mass adoption of the Web3 ecosystem. Both companies share a vision of fostering innovation and developing real-world use cases in the blockchain space.

As part of the partnership, Animoca Brands will support several EVG consumer products that are set to launch in 2024. These products aim to make Web3 experiences more accessible and include:

  • OpenSocial Protocol: A scalable infrastructure for social applications.
  • Zeek: A decentralized collaboration network for on-chain social bounty and reputation.
  • Legend of Arcadia: A turn-based RPG with a community focus.
  • Last Odyssey: A kingdom simulation game.

In return, EVG will invest in multiple Animoca Brands projects, supporting Animoca's mission to advance digital property rights. EVG's investments will include:

  • Darewise: A Web3 studio focusing on the metaverse of Bitcoin.
  • Anichess: An on-chain chess game with a magic system.
  • Mocaverse: A growth network with interoperable infrastructure.

Executive Perspectives

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “EVG is one of our earliest allies and dedicated builders. We're thrilled to further elevate our partnership and support EVG’s various projects, which we believe have a high potential for mass adoption.”

Allen Ng, co-founding CEO of EVG, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the resilience of both companies despite market challenges. “Even as the market faces headwinds, Animoca Brands continues to prove itself as a pioneering leader in making Web3 the future of the digital world. We believe that in the upcoming market, it will be real use cases and products – not speculation – that will drive long-term adoption,” Ng said.

Market Potential and Future Outlook

Both companies see significant opportunities in the burgeoning blockchain and creator economies in key Asian markets. Together, Animoca Brands and EVG are well-positioned to leverage fast-growing adoption trends and transform the Internet landscape in Asia.

For more information on this strategic partnership, please visit Animoca Brands.

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