Open Banking & Banking Digital Transformation Congress will be held in August in Shanghai

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Open Banking&Banking Digital Transformation Congress 2020 will be held on September 24-25 in Shanghai with a focus on digital transformation and open ecosystem construction of large state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, urban commercial bank, and foreign bank, etc. The congress will mainly discuss how iABCD empower retail, micro and corporate finance from perspectives of policy transmission, ecological construction, cultural innovation, business model innovation, product innovation, risk management, marketing, and the user experience, etc.


The FinTech Innovation and its large-scale application in banking have becoming increasingly vital in 2020, especially in the context of global epidemic of COVID-19, irreversible trend of digitization, as well as the first priority of platform-based and scenario-based competitive tactics in business model.


CDMC Finance Research Institute (CFRI) finds there are the following confusion and difficulties in pushing open banking and banking digital transformation after interviewing more than 50 bankers.


l  Digital strategy, business model and goals are not blurry.

l  Rigid organization mechanisms and culture can’t support

l  innovation and digital transformation.

l  Digital transformation is a matter of life and death for small

l  banks. While, small bank’s technology innovation ability is

l  not competitive, with lack of talents who are experienced

l  both in finance and technology, etc.

l  In terms of inside data, banks are facing challenges from

l  not well organized data governance infrastructure, unified

l  data standers and circulation. As for outside, increasing cost,

l  securities and private domain traffic are new challenges

l  banks have to encounter.

l  Hope to explore typical cases in retail finance, micro finance, corporate finance and learn from them.

l  How to further spur digitization of retail finance into the deep water area?

l  How to acquire micro finance clients and control risk in the context of COVID-19?

l  How to define ROI? Often confused...

l  Open banking ecosystem construction...


September 24-25, Shanghai. Welcome to join us.






CDMC Finance Research Institute (CFRI)

China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC)


Digital Finance Banking2020 SERIES Attendees ENDORSERS:

Internet Society of China

Shanghai Financial Association

Association of Shanghai Internet Financial Industry

Association of Singapore Financial technology (SFA)

Association of Hong Kong Financial technology (FTAHK)

Association of Malaysia Financial technology

NFC Forum


China Association of Microfinance (CAM)

Association of Tailand Financial technology

So on


Digital Finance-Banking 2020 Agenda




September 24th, Thursday


Opening ForumLatest Practice of Global Open Banking and Banking Digitization


Session 1Smart Bank—How iABCD Empower Banking Digital and Intelligent Transformation

Feature Events

Middle-Platform Construction in Banking (Customizable)

Digital Finance-Banking Awards Ceremony

Closed-door Meeting: C-suite meeting of Open Banking and Banking Digital Transformation

Reception Dinner: Banking VIP Dinner

September 25th, Friday


Session 2: Customer-oriented Retail Banking Digitization—Technology · Senorio · Open


Session 3: Micro Finance and To B Opportunity in the Context of Digital Economy

Feature Events

High-end Training of Banking Digital Transformation (Customizable)


Key Topics

Ø  The Chinese FinTech development strategy, target and plan

Ø  The latest global development and effect evaluation of open banking

Ø  Breakthrough and trend of the Chinese open banking and digitization

Ø  The future of digital finance and Banking: comparison of direction and path between China and the Western

Ø  How does COVID-19 affect the digital pattern and process of global banks?

Ø  How to build a cooperative ecosystem and use technology to promote customer-oriented open banking industry integration?

Ø  How to ensure the smooth implementation of banking digitization in terms of organizational structure, talent cultivation mechanism, and internal business digital strategy?

Ø  Digital transformation of retail banking

Ø  How can micro-finance effectively serve the real economy with the help of FinTech?

Ø  The latest practice of virtual bank, Challenger bank and social bank

Ø  How to realize Baas through open API or SDK , etc?

Ø  Big data governance and data architecture construction

Ø  KYC—Insight on your customer and precise marketing

Ø  Private domain traffic and data security

Ø  Cutting-edge technology of intelligent risk control

Ø  Blockchain and distributed architecture

Ø  Middle Platform System design

Ø  How can iABCD help customer acquisition, marketing, product innovation and service, operation, compliance and risk management?

Ø  The latest progress and achievements of Global Finance Technologies




Awards Ceremony


1TOP List

Top10 of Annual Open Banking Practice Leadership

Annual Small and Medium Bank Digital Experience Benchmark Top10

Annual Micro Finance Practice Leadership Top10

Annual Open Banking Premier Partners Top10

2Banking Category

Open Bank Brand Award of the Year

Bank Digital Competitiveness Award of the Year

Outstanding Contribution Award of Micro Finance in Banking

Annual Bank Retail Financial Innovation Leading Award

Excellent Innovation Award of Wealth Business in Banking of the Year

Excellent Award of Smart Bank of the Year

Annual Supply Chain Finance Brand Award

Excellent Bank ESG Brand Award of the Year

Leadership Award of FinTech Development in Banking of the Year

Excellent Practice Award Of Inclusive Finance in Banking of the Year

Annual Excellent Case Award of Product Innovation in Banking

Annual Excellent Case Award of Middle Platform Development in Banking

Annual Bank Digital Transformation Brand Award

Annual Bank Excellent Risk Control Award

Excellent Customer Experience Award of the Year

3. Scenario Category

Annual Premier Payment Brand Award in Open Finance Ecosystem

Annual Premier Consumer Finance Brand Award in Open Finance Ecosystem

Annual Premier Retail Platform Award in Open Finance Ecosystem

Annual Premier Wealth Platform Award in Open Finance Ecosystem

Annual Premier Tourism Platform Partner Award in Open Finance Ecosystem

Annual Premier Real Estate Partner Award in Open Finance Ecosystem

Annual Premier Aviation Partner Award in Open Finance Ecosystem

4. Technology Category

Excellent Provider of Bank Digital Transformation Solutions of the Year

Excellent Partner of Bank Intelligent Risk Control of the Year

Excellent Bank’s Big Data Partner of the Year

Excellent Partner of Bank Cloud Service of the Year

AI Technology Leadership Award of the Year

Premier RPA Provider Brand in Banking of the Year

Excellent Financial Biometrics Supplier of the Year

Excellent Financial Face Recognition Partner of the Year

Annual Financial Intelligent Marketing Brand Enterprise

Financial IoT Technology Innovation Award of the Year

Annual Financial Blockchain Technology Innovation Award

Annual Bank Blockchain Project Landing Case Award

Annual Financial Credit Industry Influence Award


Feature Activities

1C-Suite Closed-door Meeting of Open Banking & Banking Digital Transformation

TimeSeptember 24th, Thursday PM

Main Topics:

ü  What are the external opportunities and challenges of open banks and banking digital transformation?

ü  How does FinTech empower bank's customer acquisition, product innovation, service risk control and compliance, etc?

ü  Is there any corresponding learning case in the industry and how the other party did it

ü  Can we learn from banking digitization leaders?

ü  Ecological construction and platform cooperation opportunities of open banks

ü  Digital Practice of retail bank and micro finance

Attendees under Prior Invitation:

Technology head of open bank and bank digital sector

Business head cross front, middle and back platform

Premier partners of open bank and bank digitization

2High-end Training of Banking Digital Transformation

TimeSeptember 25, Friday

Training Theme (Customizable)

ü  The Strategy and path of open bank and bank digital transformation

ü  Bank big data governance and infrastructural building

ü  Bank AI and big data risk control

ü  The middle-platform construction and distributed architecture

ü  The scene of retail business: customer acquisition and local competition

KYC and precise marketing

ü  Customer development and maintenance in the context of COVID-19

Attendees under Prior Invitation:

President, VP, IT department, E-banking department, network finance department, retail banking department, Micro finance department, risk management department, etc

3Site Tour of Open Bank and Banking Digital Transformation Leaders


ü  Banking institution which are leading open bank construction or bank digital transformation

ü  FinTech Companies which are leading banking digitization

ü  Universities, research institutions, etc

Attendees under Prior Invitation

Senior executives from banks and FinTech companies

Banking VIP Reception Dinner

Social · Networking · Causal


More details please contact:

Name: Cici Wu

Phone: 021 68407631*8204

Tel: 173-1739-2107




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