5G, FoodTech, Biotech? Unveiling Top Surprising Portfolios by eToro

Lucas Cacioli   Jan 07, 2020 03:45 2 Min Read

Exclusive interview with Jasper Lee at eToro: Part 2 (Link: Part 1)

Jasper Lee is the Managing Director of Asia, eToro and is a veteran in the trading and Fintech field with over 10 years of experience. He opened eToro Asia in 2016 and has led the company to become the largest and most reputable social trading platform in Asia. Before joining eToro, Lee served as the General Manager at FXCM in China.

Copy Portfolio – the Perfect Tool for Thematic Investors

In case eToro had not simplified things enough, the innovative platform also offers a number of portfolios that are categorized by theme, lumping carefully selected assets into a basket for investment. Lee explained, “In our retail offering, we have a Copy Portfolio option that allows you to choose different themes for investment.

For example, the 5G portfolio—if an investor believes 5G technology to be a wise investment for the future but is unsure of which companies to back, they may invest in the themed 5G CopyPortfolio. Lee said, “We have a lot of different themes in our copy portfolio to simplify trading for our investors— including food tech and biotech. He concluded, “We, of course, have a copy portfolio for crypto. Our mission is to simplify trading for everyone and educate our users, these CopyPortfolios allow you to successfully invest in a concept or an idea without having the necessary background or spending hours on market analysis.”


Acquisition for eToroX and tokenized market

eToro recently acquired the Delta app, which helps investors make better decisions regarding their crypto investments by providing tools such as portfolio tracking and pricing data. It is a good fit for the evolution of eToro which has also ventured ambitiously into crypto — in March eToro leveraged its platform to bring cryptoasset trading to the U.S.

Lee said, “eToro’s acquisition of Delta integrated the crypto portfolio management tool with eToroX. We will explore how to develop the functionality offered by Delta to complement eToro’s ethos to make trading and investing as easy and fun as possible. Allowing traders and investors to view and ultimately manage all their assets – from crypto through to stocks, ETFs and FX – in one platform would be the logical extension of this partnership.”

In March 2019, eToro also acquired smart contract startup Firmo with the intent of strengthening its tokenized assets offering. Lee said, “We at eToro believe that the future of finance is in the tokenization of investable assets. So far we have tokenized traditional assets such as gold and silver and we have also added over 10 stablecoins to our exchange, eToroX. Acquiring Firmo and Delta are just two examples of creating the infrastructure for tokenized assets, leading to the future of finance.”


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