“2020 5th Global Asset Allocation Focus” will be held in Shanghai in August

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“2020 5th Global Asset Allocation Focus” will be held in Shanghai in August

Global Asset Allocation Focus 2020 (hereinafter referred as GAAF2020), founded in 2016. With a four-year proven-track record, GAAF2020 will invite more than 500 participants from more than 10 countries, who are mainly senior executives from private banking, family office, independent wealth, asset management, funds, securities, trusts, insurance, futures, etc. GAAF2020 will invite 40+ speakers to share their insights on the theme of "Chinese Opportunities".


Both the number of High-net-wealth Individuals(HNWIs) and the total wealth held by HNWIs reached a double-digit growth in 2019, although the growth of China's private wealth market slowed down. Meanwhile, along with unexpectedly international black swan incidents , as well as the steady promotion of China open up of Finance Market, China is now attracting more and more attention from international investors.


"China opportunities" from the perspective of global wealth--the general trend has arrived! How will China profoundly influence the global picture of wealth management and asset management in the future? As for international capitals, what are the strategic chances in China along with the "open up"? What cooperation opportunities with Chinese local institutes are there in terms of product innovation, channel distribution, asset management, investment tactics, risk management, CRM, tax optimization and technology development? What are the latest news of supervision and regulation in China?


As regards Chinese local finance institutes, what steps should they take to strengthen the core competitiveness when they are going abroad? And, what experience should they be humbled to learn from global counterparts?


We look forward to meeting you on August 20-21 in shanghai.



CDMC Finance Research Institute (CFRI)

China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC)


Association of International Wealth Management (AIWM)

Charted Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association

Association of Private Bankers in Greater China RegionAPB

Association of Family Offices in Asia (AFO)

Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA)

Why Attend

Strategy Guide: exploring "China Opportunities" with 500+ industrial professionals

Irresistible Trend: How will "China Opportunities" influence your company's strategic development?

ESG: What influence will ESG have on your company's stock price and sustainability?

Industry Competition: How do Chinese companies improve international and local competitive advantages?

Product Ecosystem: How do you develop, select or competitive products?

Customer Insight: Do you really know your customer?

Channel Cooperation: Can you foresee and catch the potential channel cooperation opportunities aboard and home?

Investment Tactics: How do asset management and wealth management companies flexibly apply ETF, hedge fund, stock, alternative investment and other investment strategies with the principle of "Customer-centric"?

Cutting-edge Technology: What technology are leading the global wealth industry development?

Professionalism: How do local private banking, independent wealth, family office and asset management, etc, sharpen their professional abilities in product and service?

International Cases: Latest practice from TOP private banking, wealth, FO and asset management, etc.

Branding: On-line and off-line millions of exposure

Awards Ceremony: 50+ local and international cooperative Medias

On-site Study: Know-how and paving the path of partnership

Speech Networking: Efficiently connect business partners



2020 5th Global Asset Allocation Focus


August 19th (Wednesday)

August 20th (Thursday)

August 21st (Friday)



Breakfast Meetings

Breakfast Meetings



Opening Forum:

Global Insights for China Focus

Session 2:

ESG and Family Wealth Inheritance





Session 1:

Private Banking and Independent Wealth:

Customer, Product and Technology

Session 3: Investment Trend and Strategy from

the Perspective of Wealth



VIP Reception Dinner

·Awards Ceremony

·C-suite Closed-door Meeting

·Speed Networking

·Site Tour


Key Topics


●What opportunities are brought for China's local financial institutions along with "one belt, one road " initiative and China's wider finance opening up And how does Chinese market influence international financial institutions' global strategy?

●What are the investment opportunities in China along with global index companies increases their A shares' index inclusion factor?

●What are the competitiveness of domestic and foreign financial institutions in Chinese market? Competition & Cooperation


● ESG international Development trend and the latest localization process

●How will ESG influence supervision institute and investment institute?

●How should local companies adjust cooperation strategy and operation principle?

●Benefits Maximization: Shareholders VS Stakeholders VS Shared Value


●Insight into Global and China's Investment Opportunities and Investment Tactics in the context of US-China Trade War and COVID-19 Outbreak

●Impact of new rules on wealth management and asset management

●Discover upcoming investment directions and opportunities from three major urban agglomerations

●Investment strategy and profile on public funds, PE, FOF, hedge fund, real estate, trust, gold, insurance, etc.

●ETF——As the leader of Chinese asset management growth, how should insiders strengthen investors' awareness of the product, strengthen the distribution channel construction and marketing effectiveness, and release the index?



●How do private banks improve the team's professionalism and brand influence, as to seize the new opportunity of wealth management of high net worth people returning to the bank channel?

●How do private banks improve their professionalism in product selection, asset management allocation, risk control and customer experience?

●How can Chinese banks enhance their overseas competitive advantages?

●How can foreign banks win the favor of domestic high net worth customers?


● How do wealth management companies transform along with the disappearance of high-yield non-standard products?

●Customer portraits of UHNWIs, as well as the latest investment trends and wealth management concepts

●As for local and foreign wealth institutes, how do they build a UHNWIs-oriented international service system together? What are the strategic cooperation opportunities for domestic and overseas wealth institutions in terms of channels, systems, expertise, talents, products, etc.?

●In the context of product similarity, how can wealth management institutes strengthen the competitiveness through open product platforms and customer relationship management ?

●What new challenges are in customer relationship management? And how do to enhance customer stickiness?

●How do wealth institutes handle the profit pressure?


●Supervision of Family Office: Chaos and Governance

●Insight into family office service model, ecosystem construction, etc.

●How do family office build the moat of talent, services, products, etc?

●How do FO help family with "wealth inheritance" and "spirit inheritance" ?

●Tax planning under CRS  

●Family trust practices


●How do TAMP, big data, cloud computing, AI, Blockchain influence wealth management?

●What are the latest global practices of digital wealth ?

●How can technology enhance the customer experience to manage customer life cycle value?



Banking Category

China Private Bank Leadership Award

China Private Bank Excellent Brand Award

Excellent Award for Private Bank in UNHW Customer Service

Best Private Bank for Asset Management in China Most Potential China Private Bank Award

Model of Private Bank in Product Innovation

Model of China Private Bank in Exploring Overseas Markets

Digital Private Bank Leadership Award

Asia Pacific Private Banking Outstanding

Independent Wealth Category

China Independent Wealth Leadership Award

Excellent Award for China Independent Wealth in Customer Service

Excellent Award for China Independent Wealth in Product Innovation

Leadership Award for Independent Wealth in Risk Management

China Independent Wealth Rising Star Award

Digital Wealth Leadership Award

International Independent Wealth Model Award

Excellent Award for Independent Wealth in Asset Allocation

Comprehensive Wealth Management Category

China Independent Wealth Leadership Award

Excellent Award for China Independent Wealth in Customer Service

Excellent Award for China Independent Wealth in Product Innovation

Leadership Award for Independent Wealth in Risk Management

China Independent Wealth Rising Star Award

Digital Wealth Leadership Award

International Independent Wealth Model Award

Excellent Award for Independent Wealth in Asset Allocation

Family Wealth Inheritance Category

Most Reliable Award for Family Wealth Butler Service

Outstanding Family Office Brand Award

Excellent Award for Family Office in Comprehensive Service Ability

Best Award for Family Trust in Product Innovation

Family Office Business Model Innovation Award

Wealth Technology Category

Outstanding Brand for TAMP Service in Wealth Management

Most Potential TAMP Company in Wealth Management

Smart Investment Innovation Leadership Award

wealth Management AI Leadership Award

Asset Management and Service Category

Outstanding Award for Customer Service of Global Asset Allocation

Best Award for Product Innovation of Global Asset Allocation

Smart Asset Management Industry Breakthrough Award

Excellent Award for Global Alternative Investment

Global Real Estate Investment Expert Award

Most Popular Brand for Overseas Study Institute

Excellent High-end Medical Service Brand

ESG Category

Outstanding China Private Bank ESG Brand Award

Independent Wealth ESG Brand Award

Trust Social Responsibility Brand Award

Excellent Brand of Securities Company in Responsible Investment

Excellent Brand of Private Equity in Responsible Investment

Excellent Brand of Fund in Responsible Investment

Insurance Social Responsible Brand Award

Family Office ESG Model Award

People Category

China Private Banking Leader Award

Independent wealth management Pioneer Award

Global Asset Allocation Outstanding Individual Award

Asset Management Outstanding Individual Award

Year of Philanthropic Figure


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