FutureX Conference - The 10 Pillars of Token Economy  

FutureX – Ten Pillars of the Token Economy (TPTE) aims to make the token economy more accessible by gathering leaders from the ten pillars of the token economy. The ten pillars of token economy are: Audit, Developers, Funds, Institutions, Insurance, Legal, Media, Regulations, Retail, Token Champion.

We present the following key speakers and topic highlights for your attention!

Key Speakers:

1)   Clara Chiu, Director, Licensing and Head of Fintech Unit, Intermediaries of Securities and Futures Commission (SFC)

2)   Ken Lo, Founding Member of Zhong An International

3)   Charles d'Haussy, Director Strategic Initiatives of ConsenSys

4)   Deniz Güven, CEO of Virtual Bank – Standard Chartered

5)   Hugh Madden, CTO of BC Group

6)   Maggie Ng, Co-Founder & CRO of FinEx Asia

Topic Highlights:

1) Token Economy: Path to Compliance

Time: 12:05pm

Speaker: Clara Chiu, Head of Fintech Unit & Director of Licensing, SFC

2) The Role of Insurance in the Token Economy

Time: 13:30pm

Speaker: Murray Wood, Head of Financial Specialities, Aon Asia

3) The Rise of Insured Custody in the Token Economy

Time: 13:40pm

Speaker: Usman Ahmad, CIO of BC Group

4)  Convergence: How to Enter the Space as an Institution

Time: 15:40pm

a) Jehan Wu, Co-founder & Managing Partner of Kenetic Capital;

b) Maggie Ng, Co-founder & CRO of FinEx Asia;

c) Gaven Cheong, Partner of Simmons & Simmons


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