DAS: Markets 2019  

Registration Deadline: Nov 13, 2019 12:00 AM
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Agenda at a Glance




DAS: Markets will explore the vital infrastructure components of nascent digital asset markets.  

From new opportunities and challenges in payments to exchanges to lending and insurance, DAS: Markets brings together all the key players building the future of the digital asset ecosystem.

Panel Topics Include

  • Payments: Building the New Rails
  • Exchanges, OTC Desks, and Dark Pools: How Are Crypto Assets Traded?
  • Banking on Trust: Will the Market Ever Trust New Names in Custody?
  • Trading & Futures: Gaining Synthetic Exposure to Digital Assets
  • Do the Old Rules of Lending Apply to Digital Assets?
  • Challenges of Insuring Digital Assets


Key Speaker:

-       Marcos Veremis: Managing Director of Cambridge Associates

-       Jim Robinson: Co-Founder/General Partner, RRE Ventures

-       Amber Baldet: Co-Founder & CEO, Clovyr

-       Joshua Ashley Klayman: CEO, Klayman LLC

-       Rob Palatnik: Managing Director & CTA, DTCC


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