Sep 03 Trading Analysis: Miners still the biggest swinging d*cks around

Matrixport Lookout   Sep 03, 2020 16:00 2 Min Read


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As BTC got slammed to a low of $11,150+ yesterday with close to $10mil of sell liquidations on BitMex, there were an unusual sense of calmness as though most crypto investors are not really looking at the markets (well, the truth is that they are too glued to farming DeFi). No real headlines except Korea regulators coming after Bithumb (which isn't a "new" news imo). Instead, I actually think was driven by miners selling. Yesterday, they were moving unusual large amounts of BTC with Poolin, Slush and HaoBTC all taking BTC out from their wallets to the exchanges. ETH options made a new all-time high in open interest yesterday surpassing the $500mil mark, and I guess with increasing variables brought about by the DeFi space (i.e. yETH, sky-high gas fees and etc), just brings about a lot more uncertainty to ETH. In stocks, seeing some hot names such as Tesla getting slammed heavily (down 14% at some point) as great buying opportunities because you know the Fed's got our backs. Gdluck. 

All these BTC miners sending BTC to exchanges yesterday... What a coincidence? 


ETH Options OI all-time high....

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