Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive: Can Onchain Custodian Fill Fidelity's Gap in Crypto Custody?
While wall street giant Fidelity tapped into the crypto custodian space, can Onchain Custodian survive under the fierce competition? Alexandre Kech, CEO of Onchain Custodian believes that they can fill Fidelity's gap in the crypto custodial market. He also explains how the surging demand in BTC futures and crypto collateral can present huge business opportunities for crypto custodians.
Exclusive: Why are Independent Third Party Crypto Custodians so Important?
Alexandre Kech, CEO of Onchain Custodian shares with us the importance of independent third party custodian solutions. He identified three grey areas for assets under custody by the exchange and how Onchain Custodian identifies the custodial needs for crypto players and traditional financial giants!
How can blockchain disrupt the Freight Forwarding industry - Ernesto Villa explains
An indepth interview with CEO of Consol Freight Ernesto Villa on how blockchain can disrupt the Freight Forwarding industry
Exclusive: How Significant is Consensus As-a-service Model?
While Amazon and Microsoft launched Blockchain as-a-service (BaaS) platform in 1H 2019, Hedera Hashgraph collaborated with IBM to launch consensus as-a-service model! Is this the next upcoming tech trend for giants to follow?
Exclusive: Did Facebook Copy Hedera Hashgraph's Governance Model?
When Facebook released Libra’s whitepaper, Hedera Hashgraph allegedly “thanks” Facebook for imitating their governance model. What is the story behind?
Exclusive: Arbitrage - the Key Business Opportunity Brought by Blockchain
Following the latest update of Paxful, Ray took a step back and shared to us his inspiration to set up Paxful and what he learnt from 11 failed startups! He then identified arbitrage as the key business opportunities by blockchain and instead of decentralization, peer to peer should be the core value preposition of Bitcoin!
Exclusive: Bitcoin - The Killer App in Africa and Latin America?
We are glad to have an in-depth interview with Ray, CEO of Paxful on Paxful’s strategies into Africa and Latin America. He also explained the biggest challenge in driving Bitcoin adoption: how to deal with scammers!
Exclusive: Can Web3 Foundation Achieve a Truly Decentralized Web?
Following the technical underpinnings of Polkadot in Part 1, Jack Platts, Head of Collaborations Web3 Foundation reveals their effort towards the goal of decentralized web! He also explained the governance and technical challenges in achieving a decentralized web!
Exclusive: How to Achieve Interoperability Between Polkadot and Bitcoin?
Claimed as the candidate of Decentralized Web 3.0 Blockchain interoperability platform, what makes Polkadot so popular? We are glad to speak with Jack Platts, Head of Collaborations of Web3 Foundation to share with us how Polkadot is interoperable with Bitcoin! He also explains the GRANDPA protocol of Polkadot and how Polkadot can interact with Ethereum!
Exclusive: Why IEO is More Sustainable for Crypto Exchanges?
The key element to an IEO is to partner with an exchange, or multiple exchanges, to function as the distributor of tokens.

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