TESTCON 2019 Singapore  

Thinking you have figured out optimal practices for measuring performance, securing and testing your application might run you towards the path of complacency. Don’t get complacent because technology shifts fast, all the time. “Survival of the latest” has become the mantra.

This is exactly why we introduce TESTCON, an immersive, one-day event, hosted by Clavent. It will feature candid, insight-packed talks from key figures in the IT industry and the technology world that’s disrupting it.


Highlights of the Agenda:

-Keynote: Digital Transformation: Navigating the Future of Testing

-Building Testing Tools to Save The Tester

-Testing of Microservices in a Cloud Environment

-Virtualization and Containers for Automating Web Testing

-Automation Testing in the Era of Big Data


Key Speakers:

-Amit Rawat, Test Automation architect from Standard Chartered Bank

-Ma Nan, Senior Software Engineer in test from Autodesk

-Suresh Babu, DevOps Manager and big data specialist from Knowesis PTE ltd.

-Jori Ramakers, Digital Transformation Strategist from Tricentis

-Pradeep Soundararajan, CEO of Moolya Testing & AppAchhi

-Ashutosh Shah, Technical Lead from Grabtaxi Holdings PTE ltd.

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