Contribution Points Scheme

Columnists writing for Blockchain.News can now get crypto rewards for content that they contribute under our Contribution Points Scheme. You, as one of our valued columnists, will have the opportunity to choose which articles you want to be included into the scheme. Rewards will be given in the form of CP which will be converted into cryptocurrencies upon withdrawal.

How to participate:

Upon submitting each article, please remember to click the checkbox to include articles in the Contribution Points Scheme (as shown in the screencap below)

Two Tiers of the Contribution Point Scheme
  • Writers

    The Writers tier caters to writers with genuine interest to share their thoughts on blockchain and cryptocurrencies

  • Influncers

    The Influencers tier is for influencers who wish to enhance their reputation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry

Criteria of Influencers at Blockchain.News
  • Articles posted on your LinkedIn profile reach over 100 likes and over 5,000 LinkedIn followers; or
  • Articles posted on your Medium profile reach over 100 claps and over 1,000 Medium followers.
Value of Contribution Points

100 CPs is equivalent to USD 10 worth of Bitcoin/Ethereum.

How to get rewards:

The reward of CPs for “Writers” tier and “Influencers” tier is listed as follows.

  • Writers
    Criteria Rewards
    Article approved by Blockchain.News team and published, with a minimum viewership of 30 100 CP
    Article selected to be put in the “Featured” section of Blockchain.News 200 CP
    Note: Views refer to Unique Viewership in Google Analytics.

  • Influencers
    Criteria Rewards (Total CPs awarded)
    1) Article approved by Blockchain.News team and published;
    2) The author shared/reposted the article on his/her own websites/social media channels, with referencing attributed to Blockchain.News
    200 CP
    Article reaches over 300 views on Blockchain.News 300 CP
    Article reaches over 600 views on Blockchain.News 600 CP
    Article selected to be put in the “Featured” section of Blockchain.News 200 CP each
    Note: Views refer to Unique Viewership in Google Analytics.

How to claim your crypto:

Withdrawals will be enabled for users who accumulate over 2,000 CP. Users will be able to go to their profile to access their CP transaction log and the withdrawal forms.

Users can click on their profile to find the Contribution Points section as highlighted in the screenshot below:

Users will be redirected to the CP Transaction Log and the Withdrawal Form at the bottom (please refer to screenshot below for details). Fill in all the required fields and submit all the necessary documents and the process is complete! (Please note: Each withdrawal is fixed at 2,000 CP)

To be completed before first withdrawal:
  • Provide social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook accounts) for writer verification
  • Complete the Citizen/Resident disclosure form to confirm that the owner of the crypto wallet is not a national or resident of any restricted jurisdictions

Important things to take note of:
  • Articles should contain original content that has not been posted anywhere else outside of Blockchain.News
  • Copyrights to articles will go to Blockchain.News upon being rewarded under this scheme. Any subsequent re-posts on other sites must have proper referencing to Blockchain.News
  • It will be your responsibility as the writer to be aware and informed of all legal and tax issues related to the writer's participation in this scheme

Please take some time to review the Contribution Points Scheme Terms & Conditions for more details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Please note that all content submitted under the Contribution Points Scheme are also subject to the Writer's Guidelines and Writer's Terms and Conditions.