What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. With the underlying technology blockchain, bitcoin has redefining money in terms of money form, money issuance standard and money movement. Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million coins and uses proof-of-work (POW) consensus. In some sense, bitcoin removes our reliance on central banks and traditional financial institutions that we have to trust on. Bitcoin brings monetary freedom.

Bhutan Sovereign Investment Fund Invests Millions in Crypto
The sovereign investment arm of Bhutan, estimated to manage around $2.9 billion in assets, has invested millions in cryptocurrencies without disclosing it to the public. The investments were revealed after crypto firms BlockFi and Celsius filed for bankruptcy in 2022. BlockFi has filed a complaint against Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) to reclaim outstanding assets, alleging that the fund defaulted on its $30 million loan in March.
Elon Musk Plans to Launch AI Startup to Compete with OpenAI
Elon Musk is reportedly assembling a team of AI researchers and engineers to launch an AI startup to compete with OpenAI. Musk is said to be in talks with existing investors from SpaceX and Tesla for investment in the new venture. In addition, Musk has recently incorporated a company named X (X.AI) and changed the name of Twitter to "X Corp" as part of his plans to create an "everything app" under the "X" brand. Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched the Bedrock initiative to allow its users to build generative AI from foundation models.
DWF Labs Invests $60 Million in EOS Network
DWF Labs, a digital asset market maker, has announced an investment deal worth over $60 million with the EOS Network Foundation. The deal includes a $45 million EOS token purchase agreement and a $15 million pledge to invest in businesses and projects based on EOS. The alliance aims to expedite the expansion and acceptance of the EOS Network, particularly with the launch of its enterprise-grade EOS Ethereum Virtual Machine.
Former Banker Charged with Crypto Investment Fraud
Rashawn Russell, a former investment banker and registered broker, has been charged in federal court for defrauding investors with fake cryptocurrency investments and misappropriating funds to finance his lifestyle.
Microstrategy's Bitcoin Investment Turns Green Again
Microstrategy's Bitcoin investment has turned profitable again as BTC surpassed the critical resistance of $29,000 and hit a new 10-month high of $30,163. The company had accumulated 140,000 BTC for nearly $4.17 billion at an average price of $29,803 per BTC. After a 70% drop in BTC price during the crypto winter in 2022, the price has seen over a 55% increase in the first quarter of 2023, outperforming most traditional stocks and bonds.
XRP Not a Security According to Hogan
Jeremy Hogan, partner at Hogan & Hogan, argues that Ripple’s XRP does not fit the definition of an investment contract and is therefore not a security. The SEC lawsuit against Ripple claims that the company illegally sold XRP as an unregistered security, but Hogan argues that the SEC has not demonstrated an implied or explicit investment contract.
Nigeria's Foreign Investment and Crypto Adoption Dilemma
Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Nigeria fell by 33% in 2021 due to a shortage of dollars, which has also discouraged foreign crypto investment. Despite the exponential growth of crypto adoption in Nigeria, with active adult traders and high usage rates, the country has a problem attracting foreign investors.
MicroStrategy Acquires Additional 1,045 Bitcoin
Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy acquires 1,045 Bitcoin for $29.3 million, bringing its total holdings to 140,000 BTC worth over $12.6 billion. The company continues to invest in Bitcoin as a reserve asset.
Thailand SEC Eases ICO Restrictions
Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plans to lift restrictions on retail investment in initial coin offerings (ICOs). The SEC aims to permit bigger investments in asset-backed ICOs, including those backed by real estate and infrastructure.
Terra co-founder sought for arrest
South Korean authorities are making a renewed push to detain Terra co-founder Shin Hyun-Seong, also known as Daniel Shin, after the arrest of co-founder Do Kwon. Shin is suspected of involvement in promoting unstable investment opportunities with Terra tokens, with allegations of fraud and illegal fundraising.

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