The Federal Reserve System is the central bank of the United States. "The Federal Reserve System was created on December 23, 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law." Federal Reserve has control over monetary policy exclusively for the benefit of the United States. Typical monetary functions are money issuance, money price, interest rate, and more. Since the US Dollar has served as the de facto world currency. Federal Reserve has inevitable influences on the stability of the monetary and financial system and monetary policies of other countries.

Senate Banking Committee Democrats caution SoFi about deadlines
After purchasing Gold Pacific Bancorp, SoFi was awarded the status of bank holding company. Customers of SoFi's national bank may invest a portion of their direct deposits in digital assets without incurring fees. In investor protection documents, SoFi characterized one of the currencies it provides as "a crypto pump-and-dump" The writers seek an answer to these matters by December 8.
New York Federal Reserve Partners With MAS to Research on wCBDCs
The New York Fed and Singapore's MAS are collaborating on CBDC development
Bitcoin Holds Steady at $20,000 Level as The Fed Hikes Rates as Expected
The Federal Reserve enacted the 4th consecutive 75 basis point rate hike on Wednesday. Bitcoin reacted.
Bitcoin Braces for Deeper Bear Market as Fed Eyeing Another Big Rate Hike
The Fed has already announced five rate hikes this year, but the institution has not yet been able to contain the surging inflation.
Fed Governor Christopher Waller Says US CBDC Not Necessary for Dollar’s Supremacy
Waller said the Fed has not made decisions concerning CBDCs. He stated that his remarks are aimed at giving a free and open dialogue on the utility of such digital currencies.
Market Update: US Inflation Data Push Bitcoin Below the $19,000 Support Zone
A steep volatility trailed the September inflation data that was released by the BLS today. Bitcoin last seen trading below $19,000
Bitcoin Price Falls Below $20,000 Following US Jobs Report
Bitcoin dropped 2% following the release of the job figures reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Fed’s Interest Rate Hikes Attributed to Primary Catalyst of Crypto Bear Market
The decision by the federal reserve (Fed) to continuously hike interest rates to tame runaway inflation has been detrimental to the crypto market as bears continue to bite.
US Inflation Data Lashing Crypto Market
The market is concerned about the rising inflation, as the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its Consumer Price Index (CPI) for August, coming in at 8.3% year-on-year (YoY).
Bitcoin Price on Verge of $20,000 amid Fed’s Interest Rates Announcement
Crypto prices drop are more likely as the Fed is set to announce interest rate hikes on Friday this week.

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