Bosch and Wien Energie Launch Blockchain-Based Fridge!

By Matthew Lam   Apr 09, 2019 2 Min Read

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Wien Energie, the Austrian power supplier has partnered up with tech giant Bosch to develop the blockchain-based fridge, according to the press release of Wien. The new model had been demonstrated in the ANON Blockchain Summit Austria.

The significance behind this fridge is that customer can trace back the origin of each kilowatt the fridge consumed and consumers have the options to choose the energy source to supply the fridge by smart contracts that allow users to select different sources of energy such as solar panel or wind farm. Therefore, it will increase the awareness of using sustainable energy by having a more transparent view of the energy source.

What’s more, users can use the smart phone app to control the temperature of the fridge and freezer compartment to monitor the energy consumption. And the app also alerts the user if the door is left open and provide an overview of energy consumption and carbon dioxide footprint.

The blockchain fridge currently is still in the testing stage, Wien Energie partnered with Riddle & Code to launch trials in the next few months with about 100 residents to test the efficiency of using blockchain technology to select electricity tariffs in the urban area. Peter Gönitzer, CEO of Wien Energie said “The Blockchain infrastructure should enable new business models in the energy market.”

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