Beware of Ryuk: The Emerging Crypto Ransomware!

By Matthew Lam   Apr 22, 2019 1 Min Read

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With the emergence of Ryuk, the amount of crypto ransomware rose 90% in Q1 2019, as revealed from Coveware’s data.

In terms of market share for ransomware in Q1 2019, Dharma still dominates with 27%. This is followed by GandCrab (20%), and the emerging Ryuk of 18.3%. Ryuk targets on large institutions that are capable to pay larger demands and a lower tolerance of runtime. Besides, Ryuk mostly targets on email phishing and only around 80% of data can be recovered from Ryuk’s attack.

The costs related to a ransomware attack can be split into recovery cost and the total cost of downtime. Coveware’s findings indicated the average downtime of ransomware incident increased from 6.2 to 7.3 days in Q1 2019. The average cost of ransomware incident related downtime is $64,645.

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