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After the grand success of the previous edition, the 3rd Annual Africa Digital Banking Summit -Innovation and Excellence Awards - which is now rebranded as 6th Edition Connected Banking Southern Africa is back with much bigger stronger and larger than before, themed as “A
ccelerating Financial Inclusion through Digital Adoption” the Summit will held on 15 and 16th of November 2022, in a Hybrid Format in Accra, Ghana.

The West African financial sector has been witnessing a wave of digital innovation that has fuelled services and applications that had the potential to really shake up the banking sector. Banks, Fintechs, and financial institutions have been harnessing digital solutions designed to serve touchless and remote banking, which has unlocked opportunities for the millions of digitally connected diaspora that remains formally unbanked but economically active.

Central Banks in the region have been implementing policies to meet next-gen requirements of the evolved banking customer, this by analysing the challenges and successes of regions that have championed financial inclusion. The sector has also been adopting automated banking systems, advanced mobile money platforms, tailored credit and digitized lending facilities, and crypto-currencies for this promising market.

The Summit will host leaders and experts from across the region representing, Banks, Insurance Companies, FinTechs and TechFins, Digital and NeoBanks, Non-Banking Financial Organizations, Cooperatives, Investments funds, Asset Management Companies.

Event Focus:

·         Identity and Access Management.

·         Crafting a Cashless/Cash-lite Economy.

·         Digital Access – The future of financial inclusion.

·         Digital Wallets and Digital Lending.

·         Impact of AI, ML & Robotics Cognitive Banking applications.

·         Cyber Resilience Strategy.

·         Security – An all-pervasive model.

·         Synergies Between traditional FIs and Telecoms.

·         Accelerating digital transformation through a customer-centric lens.

·         The Digital Only Model – Trend and Challenges.


What’s in store for you at 6th Edition Connected Banking West Africa?

·         Engage with new Audiences.

·         Exclusive Branding.

·         Meet Experts and Influencers.

·         Gain an Edge, with latest perspective.


Find us at: https://connected-banking.com

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/connectedbanking

Contact us: mohammed@intercsa.com or 44 20 3808 8625

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