Can Bitcoin Sustain Its Positive Price Run? How does it affect miners?  

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After a bearish run in 2018, Bitcoin price started to bounce back since April 2019. Bitcoin regained its positive momentum in price run, and the price once reached USD 6000 following the announcement of launching crypto trading desk by Fidelity. Fidelity’s announcement opened the gateway of Bitcoin to institutional investors, which can be a sign of surging price run following the inflow of institutional capital.

Despite the positive price run, however, the security in cryptocurrencies caused widespread concern of general public once again with the recent Binance hack of 7000 BTC. The security of funds stored in crypto exchanges is coupled with the increasing demand of providing custodian solution in hot wallets. Will the security of crypto exchanges hinder the positive price run of Bitcoin? Besides, the mining giant Bitmain just cut 88% of mining production. What is the implication on BTC price?

We have invited the following speakers to express their thoughts in surging BTC price and its impact on mining:

Ms. Cynthia Wu, Investment Director of Bitmain

Mr. Pius Lam, Founder and CEO of Batmine

Mr. David Tang, CEO of Standard Kepler

This event is co-hosted by Blockchain.News and Genesis Block:

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19:00 - 19:30 : Registration and Networking

19:30 – 19:35 : Introduction by Crypto Assets Federation

19:35 – 19:45 : Keynote by Cynthia Wu, Investment Director of Bitmain

19:45 – 19:55 : Keynote by Pius Lam, Founder and CEO of Batmine

19:55 - 20:05 : Keynote by David Tang, CEO of Standard Kepler

20:05 – 20:10: Introduction of Blockchain.News

20:10 – 20:40: Panel discussion

Topic: Can Bitcoin Sustain Its Positive Price Run? How does it affect miners?

Moderator: Yulande Choi, Marketing Manager of Blockchain.News


1) Cynthia Wu, Investment Director of Bitmain

2) Pius Lam, Founder and CEO of Batmine

3) David Tang, CEO of Standard Kepler

4) Ray Wong, Co-founder of LuTech

20:40 - 21:00: Q&A and Closing Remarks


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