AI & Big Data Leaders Summit Hong Kong 2019  

Registration Deadline: Dec 05, 2019 12:00 AM
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AI & Big Data Leaders Summit is a unique event through a fusion of data science with real working business cases. This year the summit brings together 150 data scientists, analysts, engineers, AI researchers and business executives from a wide range of industries to learn, network and experience the full potential of AI.


Key topics to be discussed:

  • Hong Kong’s Vision for AI Outlook
  • Fintech & Blockchain
  • Data Science in the Real Business World
  • AI in Supply Chain Logistics, E-commerce
  • Thought Leadership & Data Management
  • Smart cities & IoT
  • Data Innovation & Start-ups


Key Speakers:




·      Mark Chi Yeung Li – Head of Global Transaction Service, Digital Programme, DBS



·      Balakerthy Punyakoti – Head of Risk Models, HSBC



·      Jeffrey Yau – Chief Data Scientst, Walmart



·      Hien Luu – Engineering Manager, Linkedin



·      Yicun Ouyang – Chief Architect, ZTE



·      Rex Liu – Director, Security Management, JETC



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