Malta-Based Lawyer Joseph Borg Says Blockchain is the Future of Gaming
Blockchain has begun to transform the way consumers interact with games. It has introduced an emerging gaming trend: blockchain games that give the possibility to earn for both owners and players. Today, these types of games are causal and built on exchanging and collecting operations. However, the potential power of blockchain for the gaming industry is huge.
China Updates Smart City Infrastructure with Blockchain-Based City Identification System
China Updates Smart City Infrastructure with Blockchain-Based City Identification System
What are Smart Contracts and Why are They Important?
Since the lack of transparency puts the security of any transaction in jeopardy, this as now a problem of grave concern, so how do smart contracts solve these problems?
FCH Network Develops the Next-Generation Blockchain Alternative to Solve Current Problems of DLT
Since 2008 when the Bitcoin blockchain was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto, the distributed ledger technology has undergone comprehensive progress. Most significantly, the establishment of smart contracts to the Ethereum blockchain created an entirely new technological setting. But most of these development efforts face significant roadblocks that limit wide applications of blockchain technology in various industries. With this regard, FCH develops the next-generation blockchain alternative to fix current issues of the distributed ledger technology.
Communist Party of China: Members Can Show Allegiance Through Blockchain
The Communist Party of China is offering a new app, whereby members will be in a position to show their loyalty by noting down the reasons for joining. The answers will be stored on a perpetual distributed ledger.
Indonesia’s Chronic Crop Data Problem Solved by Blockchain
Indonesia has been a victim of unreliable crop data, and this has hindered the optimality of its agricultural sector. This nation has been grappling with the lack of accurate data when it comes to issues, such as crop output. HARA, a Jakarta-based startup, seeks to address this challenge by deploying blockchain technology.
China Looking into the Application of Blockchain and AI for Cross-Border Financing
China is researching the application of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in cross-border financing, focusing on risk management.
How Blockchain Technology is Improving the Agricultural Sector
This implementation of the blockchain technology has led to the adoption of tactics like smart farming, which connotes the use of modern technology like Blockchain in farming practices.
Blockchain May Jeopardize London’s Financial and Tax Collection Systems, Proclaims John Straw
John Straw, a senior advisor to IBM and McKinsey, has warned that blockchain could render the financial service sector in London irrelevant. He also noted that the city’s banks could be destroyed, making the collection of corporate and personal taxes cumbersome.
Greyp Teams Up with Blockchain Entities for Automated Payment System
Greyp, a Croatian mobility tech startup and electric bike manufacturer, has partnered with two blockchain firms, the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) and, to establish an automated payment structure for IoT vehicles.

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