French-Austrian Collaboration on Blockchain Forensics Instrument to Enhance Cryptocurrency AML
The French cybersecurity firm Nigma Conseil and the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) have announced a partnership aimed to create a new blockchain forensics instrument.
Twitter CEO Endorses Bitcoin For Black America
According to his tweet on February 23rd, while promoting the book discussing Bitcoin’s huge potential benefits to the African-American community, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter who is no stranger to controversies in the media, used the fanbase of his Twitter platform for this cause.
Ethereum Foundation Brings Blockchain to UNICEF
The Ethereum foundation team made a series of donations to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), in a move considered both charitable and good for blockchain adoption.
Gamers Invest Just Over 1 Million USD In Blockchain for Virtual Real Estate
Investing in real estate is what many call a sound investment, however, does this also apply to virtual seaside views and luxury apartments in the gaming worlds as well?
Is Blockchain the Missing Piece Needed in Curbing Illegal Fishing?
Illegal fishing is a predicament that is at times in oblivion despite it endangering marine ecosystems as it distorts their sustainability and biodiversity. Blockchain offers a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that can be helpful in fish tracking from the time it was captured to the moment it is consumed, and this approach can be instrumental in eradicating illegal fishing.
Microsoft Azure Integrates Lition Commercial Blockchain into Cloud Marketplace
Lition, an enterprise blockchain has been integrated into the Microsoft Azure cloud marketplace to provide blockchain as a service (BaaS) solutions.
Blockchain Increasingly Leveraged by China to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak
In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, there have been growing concerns about how the stalled industry of China may affect the growth of technology within the region.
Five Things Everyone Should Know About Blockchain Benefits in Aviation Security
Recent news has brought blockchain’s role on spotlight in aviation security. Of course, blockchain provides bold promises, highly useful in aviation security, and therefore are worth to be investigated.
Blockstack Breaks New Ground with Proof of Transfer (PoX) Consensus Mechanism, like PoS Without the Risk
Blockstack recently released a white paper for a new blockchain consensus mechanism called Proof of Transfer (PoX). The mechanism is for blockchains piggybacking off the Bitcoin blockchain or other PoW networks, and would require miners to commit BTC to secure the block rather than proof of work.
Insurance Firms in China and Hong Kong Count on Blockchain to Fast Track Wuhan Coronavirus Claims Amid Outbreak
Xiang Hu Bao, an online mutual aid platform, a subsidiary of Ant Financial, is a “collective claims-sharing mechanism built on blockchain that offers basic health plans to its 104 million participants.” Most of its users are Chinese citizens from lower-tier cities, and in rural areas. By utilizing blockchain technology, settlements have been made more efficient, and fraudulent claims have been reduced.

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