Blockchain Enhances Traceability of Organic Cotton from Farm to Consumer
Fashion for Good, PVH Corp, C&A Foundation & Organic Cotton Accelerator, Bext 360, and Zalando have successfully collaborated on a blockchain pilot project that traces organic cotton from farm to consumer.
The French Army Validates its Judicial Expenses via Tezos Blockchain
The French Army has revealed that it has been using the Tezos Blockchain to authenticate its judicial expenses through a smart contract. This development makes Tezos the first blockchain to be used for operative intentions by a public entity.
IBM Blockchain Technology Used for Salmon Traceability By Cermaq and Labeyrie
Conscious consumerism is a term continuously making waves because people are becoming more keen on what they consume. For instance, they are concerned about the origin, safety, and nutritional value of what they drink and eat.
A Dragonfly Researcher Breaks Mimblewimble’s Privacy, Proving That The Model Is Flawed
The esteemed privacy of Grin has been tampered with by a Dragonfly researcher who was able to unearth the real addresses of senders and receivers of up to 96% of transactions carried out in Grin’s blockchain.
Hahn Air Becomes First Airline to Issue Blockchain-Enabled Tickets To Passengers
Hahn Air, a leading airline distribution, has just issued Blockchain-enabled tickets to its passengers. Offering the tickets through the platform of their partner, Winding Tree.
Thai Government Announces Blockchain Technology Adoption in Finance Agencies to Enhance Work Efficiency
The Thai government has remained visible as one of the leading governments committed to adopting blockchain technology. Many innovations concerning blockchain use cases can be learned from the government.
ArcBlock Blockchain Platform 1.0 to Hasten Development of Decentralized Networks
ArcBlock has released an updated framework called ArcBlock Blockchain Platform 1.0. It will assist businesses and developers to quickly manage and build decentralized applications and blockchain networks.
Utrust Joins Hand With Alternative Airlines To Ensure Secure Crypto Payments For Users
Utrust, a blockchain-powered payment technology that enables online businesses to accept cryptos.
DAppstore Creator Decenternet’s Spyce Token to be Listed on BW Exchange November 22nd
Decenternet has created a marketplace for decentralized applications (dApp store) and a decentralized web browser. The token accompanying this new online ecosystem will be called Spyce. The BW Exchange plans on listing the Spyce token on November 22nd, 2019.
Blockchain Solution in Healthcare: Google Secretly Collects Health Data From U.S Patients
Blockchain provides a fourth model that can enable secure sharing of lifetime health data across providers and business partners. The use of blockchain is a potential solution to the case associating Google to have reportedly collected medical data from U.S patients in secret.

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