Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive: Gerard Dache, on the Two Contradictions of Facebook Libra
In part 2 of the interview, Gerard walked us through some of the recommended bills to the government in fostering blockchain innovation, such as the “Blockchain Promotion Act”. He then shared his views on the nature of Bitcoin and two contradictions of Facebook’s Libra.
Exclusive: Transforming Healthcare Megatrends with Blockchain Healthcare Specialist
We are delighted to speak with Gerard Dache, Executive Director of GBA in his blockchain journey, the state of professional chapters for GBA and blockchain specialist courses. In particular, Gerard analyzes the uniqueness of blockchain healthcare specialists and its role in transforming the megatrends in the healthcare industry!
Exclusive: Liberal Society Comes with Friendly Crypto Regulations
As a veteran lawyer in technology, Nathan Kaiser of Cardano Foundation shares his insights in identifying countries with friendly crypto jurisdictions. He also examined how different jurisdictions affect both on-chain and off-chain governance.
Exclusive: Does Forking Mechanism Allow for a Better Blockchain Governance Model?
Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation and a long-time lawyer in the technology sector, shares his views on the crypto regulatory issues in different jurisdictions and blockchain governance. In particular, Nathan examines whether forking mechanism allows for a better blockchain governance and the reason why “blockchain governance = community governance”.
Exclusive: Why is FinTech the Golden Opportunity for Graduates?
We are delighted to speak with Paul Pong, Chairman of the Institute of Financial Technologies of Asia (IFTA) to share with us how IFTA is building the FinTech ecosystem with the Certified Financial Technologists (CFT). Paul also highlights that FinTech is the golden opportunity for graduates!
Exclusive: Is Belarus the Heaven for Tokenized Exchanges?
In this interview with George Paliani, CBDO of Currency.com, we explored the fundamentals of the tokenization of assets and its underlying regulatory requirements. George explained that Currency.com isn’t just an ordinary exchange, where it is a platform with cryptocurrencies and traditional financial products such as commodities, indices, stocks, bonds.
Blockchain at Work - Disrupting the Freight Forwarding Industry
Freight Forwarding gets a make up with technology and blockchain
Setting Up a Crypto Exchange can Attract Unwanted Police Attention
When Pete Wood set up a bitcoin brokerage in his native London he did not expect to become a police target - more than once. Happily now, the police contact him for advice these days and not to arrest him.
Exclusive: Blockchain at the Stage of Tech Convergence
How does Deloitte Blockchain Lab envision the future of blockchain? Dr. Paul Sin believed that blockchain is at the stage of technology convergence with IoT, big data and artificial intelligence! He also explained the 3 challenges for enterprises to implement their own blockchain and various blockchain auditing services offered by Deloitte.
Exclusive: Deloitte Blockchain Lab on the 3 Collaborations with HKMA
We were delighted to interview Dr. Paul Sin, leader of the Deloitte Asia Pacific Blockchain Lab, who shared with us its development goals and the collaborations with HKMA across the Greater Bay Area and Europe.

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