$12.4 Billion
Worldwide Blockchain Spending in 2022


$60.7 Billion
Blockchain Market Size in 2024


Organizations are Actively Involved with Blockchain


World GDP will be Stored in Crypto Assets by 2027

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The End of Physical Cash is an Inevitable Reality and Not to be Feared Says Union Bank President
As the world tries to come to terms with the coronavirus outbreak, recently Edwin Bautista chief executive and president of UnionBank of the Philippines revealed how digital services could support consumers as they increasingly self-isolate themselves or have to work remotely for an extended timeframe. The fintech leader projected the end of cash as the coronavirus crisis provokes banks to fast track the shift towards digital. But will the end of physical cash become a reality? The trend towards cashless remains inevitable as the current events seem to accelerate this process.
Canadian Dollar Payments on Blockstream’s Liquid Network Boosting Bitcoin Adoption Powered by Bull Bitcoin
Montreal-based Bitcoin exchange Bull Bitcoin, released Liquid Canadian dollars (L-CAD) using Blockstream’s Liquid Network, taking the Bitcoin standard to Canada. Blockchain’s Liquid sidechain is used for settling Bitcoin transactions.
Buy Us Out: Majority of Chinese Blockchain Companies Don't Develop or Even Use Blockchain Technology
Blockchain companies have become a hot property in China over the last few years, and the rise in company registrations really surged following Chinese Leader Xi Jinping announcment last October that the country must strive to become the global blockchain leader.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Leverages Coronavirus Pandemic for National Petro Adoption
Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro has announced a new campaign aiming to help the medical staff in his nation by airdropping one Petro to each actively working doctor amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Is Bitcoin in India about to Boom? Paxful Survey Projection
Paxful, the peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace, has released a survey that indicates India’s enthusiasm for Bitcoin has been reignited following the landmark decision to lift the ban on crypto trading.
Binance Acquired CoinMarketCap: A Huge Boost to Binance "Super Exchange" Ecosystem
Binance, one of the largest digital asset exchanges in terms of trading volume and users, has officially announced the acquisition of CoinMarketCap for an undisclosed fee. According to the press release shared with Blockchain.News, the acquisition creates synergies for both companies in boosting cryptoassets adoption to global users.
Malware Botnets Hijacked Microsoft SQL Databases to Mine Cryptocurrency Causing Concern
Guardicore, a cloud security and data center firm, has issued a report showing how a malware botnet, tracked as Vollgar botnet, has been hijacking Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL) databases around the world and forcing them to mine the cryptocurrencies Vollar and Monero.
French Football Star Mbappe Seeks out Crypto Scammers Trying to Score off The PSG Striker's Reputation
Kylian Mbappe PSG star launches lawsuit over Bitcoin scammers who are allegedly using his name and image to convince investors to buy-in.
Nations Around the World Urged to Learn From China in Fighting Coronavirus Using Blockchain
Different stakeholders are urging other nations to embrace China’s effective model in fighting this pandemic by deploying blockchain technology.
Chinese President Advises the Government to Use Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for Epidemic Prevention
During a recent inspection in Zhejiang, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the necessity for the various decisions and arrangements of the government to plan for prevention and control of the coronavirus outbreak and economic and social development work.

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