$12.4 Billion
Worldwide Blockchain Spending in 2022


$60.7 Billion
Blockchain Market Size in 2024


Organizations are Actively Involved with Blockchain


World GDP will be Stored in Crypto Assets by 2027

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Bitfinex Partners with ODEM to Revitalize Crypto Education
Bitfinex has joined hands with ODEM, an on-demand education and employment marketplace, in creating a new education model on the importance of digital tokens in the blockchain and crypto space.
Partner at Proof of Capital Presumes That China’s Digital Currency Could Go Live in No Time
In her view, Edith Yeung, fund manager, and partner at Proof of Capital, a blockchain-based venture capital fund, presumed that the Chinese Government could launch their digital currency, virtual yuan, in no distant time, assumably, within the next six to twelve months.
China’s Central Bank Takes A Step Forward to Regulate Blockchain
China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China is set to create industry standards across the financial technologies sector, including blockchain.
Binance.US Offers Institutional Liquidity to Tagomi Users in a Partnership Deal
Binance.US has partnered with Tagomi, a crypto brokerage firm, to offer institutional liquidity to its users in its cross-exchange trading platform.
Institutional Trade-at-Settlement Product for Spot Bitcoin to be Developed by Blockfills and Tassat
Tassat and Blockfills partner with eachother to create an institutional Trade-at-Settlement (TAS) product for spot bitcoin (XBT/USD), which will expectedly to be open in the market for traders in mid-December.
LG's Affiliate and Kakao’s Subsidiary Agree to a Strategic Partnership to Foster Blockchain Technology
For diversity in the application of blockchain, LG’s IT solutions affiliate, LG CNS, and Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary, Ground X are in partnership
Chinese Firms Hold Overwhelming Majority of Global Blockchain Patents
Chinese firms have been stockpiling blockchain patent applications leaving other nations behind and outpacing the United States 3 to 1.
World's Second Largest Bitcoin Mining Company Raises $90M in US IPO
The world’s second-largest bitcoin mining equipment producer, Canaan Inc. raised $90 million during its initial public offering (IPO).
New Crypto Fraud Scheme In South Korea: What Rules Are in Place to Stop False Advertising?
The Ponzi scheme disguised as a crypto platform managed to acquire over $380 million USD for the CEO and other company staff. Corner Up was promising estimated returns of up to 200% to investors for each investment made.
India’s Telangana State to Stamp Out Fake Academic Certificates via Blockchain
Following concerns raised by the US Embassy that some employees and students were applying for visas using fake academic certificates, the Indian state of Telangana has made a broad move of addressing this menace through blockchain technology.

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