Students at Texas-based University Accorded with Blockchain-Powered GreenLight Credentials

Brian Njuguna  May 15, 2020 09:58  UTC 01:58

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The University of North Texas (UNT) in Dallas has unveiled GreenLight Credentials, a blockchain-enabled academic records verification platform, for its students, giving them more control of their transcripts. 

Student empowerment via blockchain

Through this strategic collaboration, UNT Dallas students will be able to easily share their academic credentials quickly and securely across the globe. Additionally, transparency is granted because the transcripts and other verified records are kept in a decentralized system. 

Bob Mong, UNT Dallas President, noted, “GreenLight puts the power directly in the hands of our students. [...] Students are now just a click away from instantly accessing their transcripts around the clock. We are proud to be the first four-year university in the nation to partner with GreenLight, and we're excited to bring the simplicity and convenience of this resource to our UNT Dallas students.”

Fraudulent academic credentials have been rising at an alarming rate to the extent that employers hire third-party verification companies to authenticate documents. This is a time-consuming and expensive process because it involves requesting confirmation from the respective college or university about the enrollment of the particular student. 

By leveraging on blockchain technology, UNT Dallas seeks to eliminate this hassle by giving more power to its students over their academic records. 

Blockchain-enabled recruitment

The blockchain-based GreenLight platform will also be instrumental in enabling enrollment officers at UNT Dallas to find and recruit learners from community colleges and high schools efficiently.

Blockchain solutions are being embraced across different spectrums. The education sector is not an exemption, as evidenced by the urge to eliminate fraudulent academic documents by institutions of higher learning like UNT Dallas. 

Recently, the Harvard Blockchain Lab applauded Fight to Fame Model for presenting a notable decentralized ecosystem in the entertainment industry. HashCash Consultants has also shown its intention of streamlining the complex process of drug research and clinical trials with blockchain. 


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