Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa Wants to Make NYC the Most Crypto-Friendly City in U.S.

Godfrey Benjamin  Sep 02, 2021 15:30  UTC 07:30

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The digital currency ecosystem is becoming a vital subject of political campaigns in the United States, signalling the gradual emergence of the industry as a non-negligible financial innovation.

Revealing his plans if elected into office, Sliwa Curtis, a Mayoral Candidate for New York City, noted plans to make the city the most cryptocurrency-friendly in the entire nation.

As part of his plans, Curtis said he would make provisions for taxes, fines and fees to be paid in Bitcoin in the State. “We will open more crypto ATMs & incentivise businesses to accept crypto. We must modernise our economy & make it accessible for ALL!” he said in a tweet.

Cryptocurrency savvy Americans showed their solidarity for the digital currency ecosystem during the fiasco that surrounded the $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill. With the broader industry speaking up to the unrealistic provisions of the bill, many came to know how engrafted cryptocurrencies have become in the nation.

The promise by Curtis to institutionalise crypto in the world’s financial epicentre is a sentiment shared by other candidates. Earlier this year, reported that the Democratic candidate for the office of the Mayor in New York City, Andrew Yang, also has similar ambitions to turn the city into a hub for crypto and Bitcoin. 

The efforts to get these done largely depend on how well disposed to digital currencies the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) will be under Adrienne Harris, a former senior adviser at Brunswick Group's public-relations firm.

She has been nominated to lead the agency. With favourable policies, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin could thrive in New York under either of these candidates if they win. Securing licenses by startups to operate the services will be further enhanced.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is currently taking the lead in making the city one of the most crypto-friendly in the nation. Texas is also renowned as a hub for crypto. Should any of these mayoral aspirants win, we may begin to see New York ranks alongside in the coming years.

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