21Shares Launches Bitcoin ETP on Aquis Exchange

Annie Li  Jun 07, 2021 18:00  UTC 10:00

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21Shares, a well-known cryptocurrency ETP issuer, announced Monday that the company has cooperated with GHCO, an issuer-centric liquidity provider committed to building transparent and accessible financial markets to list Its Bitcoin ETP (ABTC) on the Aquis exchange.

Aquis Exchange is a Lonon-based pan-European alternative trading system.

The company said that it is working closely with Aquis Exchange in response to the needs of British institutional investors for digital currency investment and provide them with a variety of encryption strategies. It is not limited to bitcoin such as cryptocurrencies but will include Ethereum and Ripple, Tezos, Polkadot, Cardano, and other cryptocurrencies.

Hany Rashwan, CEO of 21Shares, believes that now is the right time to introduce encrypted ETP to the UK institutional market.

The centralised liquidation of ABTC will be carried out by GHCO headquartered in the UK. GHCO, as the liquidity provider of ABTC, its CEO stated that:

 "ETPs are a key development for investing in crypto assets as it matures as an asset class. We expect more demand for this reliable, easily-accessible infrastructure with deep pools of liquidity – liquidity that we are happy to facilitate."

The competition in the field of encrypted ETP in Europe is very intense. 21Shares is closely following the ETC Group's footsteps, launching encrypted ETP on the Aquis Exchange multilateral trading facility today.

The clearing will be carried out by Switzerland-based central counterparty clearing house SIX x-clear for ETC Group.

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