R3 Corda Reignites Enterprise Blockchain Race with Own Token Standard

By Matthew Lam   Jul 16, 2019 1 Min Read


Powered by R3, Corda announced the launch of Token SDK 1.0, which allows the creation of native tokens on the Corda blockchain platform as reported on 15 July.

The Token SDK 1.0 enables token issuance, trading and how to define various types of tokens, similar to the role of ERC20 for Ethereum as stated in their medium post. Corda has been a popular blockchain platform for enterprises with its high speed and scalability. Corda has demonstrated that distributed ledger technology can support U.S. equity market trading volume of 6,300 trades per second (TPS). As Corda adopts sharding, Corda nodes only process transactions related to them. As a result, TPS increase gradually on a network level as more nodes are added to the network.

The launch of the Token SDK 1.0 facilitates the growth of Corda Settler, which can settle tokens into fiat through payment rails that aims to reduce settlement time and counterparty risks. Swiss stock exchange SIX Digital Exchange has been building its platform on Corda and it is foreseen that the competition among enterprise blockchains reignites again.

Thumbnail image via R3 Corda's Medium

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