ViralCoin’s Founder Explains Why VIRAL Can Flourish During this Bear Market

Chainwire   Jul 19, 2022 00:00  UTC 16:00

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ViralCoin, an emerging cryptocurrency project centered around subscription payments and price stability, has a novel vision of success during this bear market. James McLendon, ViralCoin’s Founder, explained that the ViralVault contract utilizes on-chain arbitrage to keep the price relatively stable, regardless of crypto market conditions. “If the VIRAL price increases too high, then the ViralVault mints additional VIRAL and transfers the newly-minted VIRAL into the liquidity pool. Similarly, VIRAL price decreases too low, then the ViralVault purchases the excess VIRAL and burns such amount to rebalance the price.”  

McLendon went on to discuss that there is no incentive to sell or exit early because the price is relatively the same for all users, regardless of when they bought in. “With ViralCoin, holders earn a 3% reflection on every transaction on the network and the price maintains stability; resulting in peace of mind as their VIRAL balance will continue to increase without drastic drops in the VIRAL pricing.” This design allows holders to direct their attention to their VIRAL balance increasing, rather than focusing on pricing fluctuations, as with many other tokens. ViralCoin is designed to succeed in a bear, bull, or unprecedented market”

ViralCoin intends to become the standard crypto subscription payment system. Holders of VIRAL can pay their reoccurring subscriptions for various services, simply by spending the reflection they’ve earned. “We’ve re-imagined how subscriptions should work, eliminating the need to constantly refill their balance and the constant concern that the price may decrease, thereby preventing them from making a payment. This is a huge paradigm shift in subscription payments.” 

Currently, the ViralCoin smart contracts feature mechanisms on all 7 EVM networks to allow “Gas Stations” to be set up. This feature would allow a holder to pay subscriptions with VIRAL instead of using the network's primary tokens (i.e., ETH, MATIC, or BNB). “Requiring a token such as ETH to spend another token you are holding for a Gas fee is ridiculous. This is why the VIRAL Gas Stations are pivotal to the subscription industry and will allow us to insulate ourselves in a bear market.” The ViralVault smart contract revolutionizes the way crypto can be utilized.

When ViralCoin has approximately $10 Billion USDC in the liquidity pool, minting will be complete. Essentially, millions of people will have had the opportunity to purchase VIRAL before the price fluctuates, which is planned to be minimal on every trade. In addition, the ViralCoin DAO members can vote to keep minting alive indefinitely, if that is the desire of the community.

ViralCoin is currently raising $10 million USDC for a massive 3-year outreach campaign to bring awareness, utility, and community growth. “The ViralCoin journey is just beginning!” McLendon added. 

About ViralCoin

ViralCoin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency project. Comprising the native VIRAL token, the underlying community, and the ViralWallet, the project is committed to making cryptocurrency subscription payments more accessible in daily life.



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