VeChain Releases New Official Block Explorer and Sync Ledger Wallet Interface

Alo Kingsley  Oct 21, 2019 11:10  UTC 03:10

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The VeChain Foundation has announced the release of a new official block explorer and sync ledger wallet interface, which are in-house developed solutions maintained by the major development team. According to the foundation, the explorer will be available by the end of November, while the Ledger wallet will be available within two weeks starting from Monday, Oct 21, 2019.


According to the announcement on 20 Oct, users can use VeChain Insight, which is a functional and serverless explorer developed by the VeChain core development team to inquire about accounts, blockchain information, tokens, and transactions before the release of official block explorer in late November.


The  Foundation also implored the community to be committed to supporting the ecosystem builders of the VeChainThor Blockchain, believing that with the community's technical and non-technical support, the management teams and developers will focus on deriving a functional business, monetization and sustainable growth model for their VeChainThor projects.


The report also noted that the Foundation appreciated their soon-to-be one-time partner Totient Labs who contributed earnestly to the VeChain Ecosystem by building much-loved tools and services. However, Totient Labs decided to discontinue their VeForge services to VeChain including the VeForge Explorer and the VeForge Vault on Oct 21.


Since the vault will be discontinued, ledger users will not be able to access their tokens in VeChain wallets in the meantime. However, users are implored to be certain that their VET and VIP180 tokens are entirely safe and secure on the blockchain.

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