The important role of AI in online casinos

News Publisher  Apr 08, 2024 01:30  UTC 17:30

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Artificial intelligence (AI) now plays an important role in many areas. Its influence on everyday life is so pervasive that many consumers hardly notice it. Especially when a lot of data has to be analyzed, AI asserts itself with its unique strengths.


AI is also becoming increasingly interesting for online casinos. Players are often completely unaware of it when gambling in online casinos around the world, because AI works in the background. AI is especially important in the field of player protection - so let’s find out how!


Player protection with fraud detection methods


Fraud is something that online casinos need to be constantly on the lookout for, and AI is providing assistance in this area. It monitors player behavior, paying attention to any outlying actions that look “odd” compared with how the player usually interacts with the casino. When something is flagged, the casino can take a closer look and decide if the player is at risk of fraud or if somebody has hacked the account.


This has made online casinos much safer and ensured that players who do get their accounts hacked or otherwise have problems due to fraudsters have additional protections. This has been coupled with the integration of cryptocurrency, which has additional security benefits and minimizes players’ risk of being hacked. It has made a huge mark on the betting market, bringing more security, more accessibility, and more privacy than ever before.


Better Targeted Advertising For More Effectiveness


AI comes into its own on the strength of being able to immediately recognize patterns when analyzing large amounts of data. In this respect, it’s much better than any of our brains when it comes to understanding user behavior - and when we’re dealing with advertising, understanding user behavior is absolutely key!


Online casinos all over the world know that to captivate players, they’ve got to put out promotions and offers, or the player’s going to move along. One of the benefits (and maybe drawbacks) of the internet is that it has made it very easy to hop from one site to another, and that means every casino is looking to get the best edge - and it can do that through tailored ads, based on user behavior. Whenever you’re playing online slots for real money these days, the AI that’s running the program is analyzing what you’re doing, and then using that analysis to create ads that are specifically geared to your likes, your dislikes, and the things you do. Play a lot of poker? Watch those poker offers crop up. More of a roulette guy or gal? Roulette offers galore. 


Essentially, whatever you play, you’ll see offers based on that raining down, and this is a win-win, because casinos get more user engagement and more playtime, and players get offers that they’re actually going to use and enjoy!


And if you’re wondering whether this is already in use? Yes, it is; you can see it whenever you log into a casino you’ve used before. Just look at the selected games displayed in your lobby. The selection is based on the AI’s assessment of what you’ve played before, and tailored specifically to meet your needs. Pretty cool, right?


Are there also advantages for players through AI?


Now, that helps both the casinos and the players, but are there other ways that players can benefit? Absolutely! AI is able to analyze the behavior of players in individual games, and that means players have an opportunity to improve their gameplay if they’re smart about it. Let’s consider poker.


This online card game is endowed with very characteristic mathematical components, which means AI can easily analyze it. Players who feed their own actions into an AI poker program may be able to get feedback on how they play, and thus improve their style. Blackjack is another such game, where strategies determine player success and can maximize the player’s edge against the house. Think of it a little like a training simulator!


However, the conceivable use of AI also has limits. With slots, for example, it all comes to nothing. Since slots are based on the random number generator (RNG), no game analysis is possible here, since slots cannot be cheated.


AI in online and physical casinos worldwide 


Until now, hardly any casino visitors have really realized that AI has already had an impact on them. But it is becoming ever-clearer that AI will play an increasingly important role in this area on an international scale in the future. So far, the focus has mainly been on the analysis of large data streams, and how these can be used. However, it’s pretty obvious that AI is moving forward in leaps and bounds, and we’re soon going to see it operating in even more areas.


Whether it’s preventing fraud, tailoring your online selection to be exquisitely suited to your needs and preferences, or maybe even influencing the play in brick-and-mortar casinos in the future, it’s clear that AI is now a foundation of this world and the casino industry is very much dependent on it. In the future, we might even see live casinos replace their in-person dealers with realistic rendered avatars, capable of responding to player behavior and input just like a person. What a thought!


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