Tezos Showcases Innovation and Community at Consensus 2024

James Ding  Jun 20, 2024 16:38  UTC 08:38

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Consensus 2024, a premier event in the blockchain industry, saw significant participation from Tezos, a leading blockchain platform known for its innovative approach and active community. Despite challenging travel conditions to Austin due to storms, the event was well-attended, and Tezos made its presence felt with notable advancements, collaborations, and a strong community spirit.

The Tezos Booth

The Tezos booth, strategically located in the northwest corner of the exhibition hall near the main stage, was a hive of activity. Its sleek design, high-quality swag, and the enthusiastic presence of team members from Tezos Commons and Trilitech attracted a steady stream of visitors. Attendees engaged in discussions about the latest developments and potential collaborations, reflecting the growing interest and excitement around the Tezos platform.

Exclusive Swag

The Tezos booth stood out with an impressive array of swag, including stickers, pins, t-shirts, hoodies, Tezos-branded Ledger devices, ties, and aprons. A particularly popular item was the POAP NFT created by Mightymoss, with the Ledger devices and ties being the biggest hits among attendees.

Arthur Breitman’s Speech

One of the highlights of Tezos' participation was Arthur Breitman’s discussion with Nathaniel Whittemore on the convergence of blockchain and AI. The conversation delved into what is real versus what is merely hype in the integration of these technologies. The discussion drew a large audience, both in-person and online, showcasing the thought leadership within the Tezos community. The full discussion can be viewed here.

Building Connections

A primary goal of Consensus 2024 was to foster connections within the blockchain space. Tezos successfully engaged with both long-standing community members and newcomers, exploring potential collaborations with representatives from other projects and attending various side events. The Tezos team also reconnected with existing ecosystem partners, such as Everstake, further strengthening the network.

From developers and project founders to traders, artists, VCs, and researchers, Tezos established connections with a diverse array of individuals, significantly enhancing its community and industry network.

Looking Ahead

As Consensus 2024 concluded, it was evident that Tezos had made a substantial impact. The event underscored Tezos' commitment to innovation, community, and authenticity. The Tezos team is now looking forward to TezDev 2024 in Brussels, scheduled for July 11th, where they aim to continue building the future of blockchain through connection, collaboration, and innovation.

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