Sam Blackshear Discusses Security Aspects of Move Programming Language

Luisa Crawford  May 17, 2024 11:59  UTC 03:59

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Sam Blackshear Speaks on the Security Aspects of Move Programming Language

Sam Blackshear, Co-Founder and CTO at Mysten Labs, recently shared insights into the security attributes of the Move programming language. He emphasized that the language, designed with security at its core, helps prevent common security exploits and assists developers in writing safe code.

Move's Built-In Security Measures

The Move programming language incorporates critical security measures such as preventing reentrancy and including the owner in object metadata. Developed as a smart contract language for handling financial transactions, Move aims to facilitate the creation of the most secure code possible for developers.

Continued Development of Move

Blackshear further discussed the ongoing development efforts aimed at enhancing Move's efficiency and the overall developer experience. He encouraged developers to migrate to Move 2024 for an optimized development experience.

About Sam Blackshear and Mysten Labs

Sam Blackshear is a co-founder and the current CTO at Mysten Labs. He has a rich background in technology and has been instrumental in the development of the Move programming language. Mysten Labs, the organization he co-founded, is known for its work in developing secure and efficient programming languages and tools.

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