OPNX to Launch FatManTerra Justice Token, Airdropping to LUNC and LUNA Holders

Rebeca Moen  Jul 31, 2023 11:50  UTC 03:50

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OPNX has announced the imminent launch of the FatManTerra Justice Token. This move comes in response to the commencement of legal proceedings against FatManTerra by several parties.

According to OPNX's tweets, the Justice Token is a novel mechanism designed to return potential settlement outcomes to communities harmed by defamation.

The tokens will be distributed equally between RLB, LUNA, LUNC, and OX holders, representing four communities allegedly harmed by FatManTerra's long-term malicious disinformation. The full details of the Justice Token can be found in OPNX's official document.

OPNX has clarified that the distribution of Justice Tokens will be modified to reflect the communities harmed as mentioned above. It's also important to note that Justice Tokens must be considered independent meme tokens with no intrinsic value, no backing, or expectation of return.

A distribution of the entirety (after costs) of potential settlement outcomes will only occur if determined by the justice system, at OPNX's discretion.

In response to the announcement, FatManTerra replied, "There's no way you guys are turning this into a scam too lmao," expressing skepticism towards the initiative.

The launch of the FatManTerra Justice Token by OPNX marks a unique approach to addressing legal disputes and alleged defamation. While the initiative has been met with both interest and skepticism, the final outcome of the legal proceedings and the distribution of the Justice Tokens remains to be seen.

It is worth noticing that OPNX is a new crypto and RWA exchange platform launched by controversial and bankrupted former Three Arrows Capital founders.

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