OpenAI Files Trademark Application for GPT-5

Jessie A Ellis  Aug 02, 2023 08:00  UTC 00:00

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OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research lab, has filed a new trademark application for "GPT-5." The information was revealed by Josh Gerben, a prominent trademark attorney, through a tweet on July 31, 2023.

According to Gerben's tweet, the filing for the trademark was made with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on July 18, 2023. The tweet reads: “OpenAI has filed a new trademark application for: 'GPT-5.' The filing was made with the USPTO on July 18th. #openai #chatgpt4 #ArtificialIntelligence.”

                                                  Source: Twitter

The trademark application for "GPT-5" is a significant development in the field of artificial intelligence. The Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) models from OpenAI are well renowned for their proficiency in natural language processing.

The GPT models' earlier variants have been used in a variety of applications, from text production to complicated problem-solving. The trademark application for "GPT-5" may be a sign that OpenAI intends to further its research and development in this field.

The details of "GPT-5" and its prospective uses have not yet been officially announced by OpenAI as of the publication date of this article.

History of ChatGPT

The history of ChatGPT is marked by rapid innovation and growth. Here's a timeline of key developments:

June 16, 2016: OpenAI published research on generative models.

November 30, 2022: OpenAI introduced ChatGPT using GPT-3.5 as a part of a free research preview.

February 1, 2023: OpenAI announced ChatGPT Plus, a premium subscription option.

March 1, 2023: OpenAI introduced the ChatGPT API for developers.

March 14, 2023: OpenAI releases GPT-4 in ChatGPT and Bing.

April 23, 2023: OpenAI released ChatGPT plugins, GPT-3.5 with browsing, and GPT-4 with browsing in ALPHA.

May 15, 2023: OpenAI launched the ChatGPT iOS app.

May 31, 2023: ChatGPT Plus users can now access over 200 ChatGPT plugins.

June 1, 2023: ChatGPT traffic surpasses competing generative AI chatbots.

About ChatGPT-4 and ChatGPT-5

ChatGPT-4 is OpenAI's most advanced system, producing safer and more useful responses, and it can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy. In addition to the development of ChatGPT-4, OpenAI has begun planning the publication of ChatGPT-5 later this year, as reported by HackerNoon. Many experts believe that AI advancements like ChatGPT-5 will achieve artificial generative intelligence or AGI, and it is bound to change the world as we know it.

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