OKX Launches P2P Block Trade for High-Volume Crypto Transactions

Terrill Dicki  May 17, 2024 19:55  UTC 11:55

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OKX Introduces P2P Block Trade

OKX, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency market, has recently launched its Peer-to-Peer (P2P) block trade service. This new feature offers a secure and efficient platform for high-volume crypto transactions, enabling users to trade big and worry less.

What is OKX's P2P Block Trade?

As an innovative service, OKX's P2P block trade is designed to facilitate large volume transactions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It simplifies the process of buying and selling large amounts of crypto, providing a platform for secure and effective trading.

How does it work?

Block trading in the crypto world mirrors large trades in traditional markets. It involves large quantities of crypto, often negotiated with a trusted intermediary to set the price and volume. OKX P2P stands out as a leading choice for these trades, offering a platform that supports large-volume transactions seamlessly, with over 1,100 payment options and 100 currencies.

Benefits of OKX P2P Block Trade

Users who choose OKX P2P block trade can enjoy several benefits including maximum security, a customised trading experience, minimal market impact, and zero fees. The platform works with verified Block Trade Merchants to ensure secure and speedy transactions, and efficient dispute resolution. It also offers a tailored trading experience with 1,100+ payment options and 100+ currencies, and helps reduce slippage common in large market orders.

Getting Started with Block Trading

Starting block trading on OKX P2P is quick and easy. Users can find block trades using search filters or by visiting Block Trade on OKX P2P. A minimum trade value of $50,000 USD or equivalent is required to place an order. Currently, block trading is available in VND, USD, IQD, PHP, and SAR currencies.

Becoming a Block Trade Merchant

OKX also offers opportunities to become a Block Trade Merchant. Eligible candidates must have been registered users for over 60 days, have traded more than 300,000 USDT worth of any cryptocurrency in the last six months, completed over 90% of their orders, hold at least 5,000 USDT in funds for the deposit, and pass a risk assessment check by OKX's Merchant Management team.

With the launch of P2P block trade, OKX continues to innovate and provide user-friendly solutions catering to the needs of its vast user base.

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