OKX Announces Support for LSK Token Migration

Jessie A Ellis  May 13, 2024 21:56  UTC 13:56

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OKX to Support LSK Token Migration

In a recent announcement, leading crypto exchange OKX has declared its support for the upcoming LSK L1 token migration to LSK L2. The migration is slated to significantly impact the operations of the LSK token on the platform, necessitating changes in the deposit and withdrawal schedules.

According to the notice, LSK deposits and withdrawals on OKX will be closed at 10:00 am UTC on May 20. Nonetheless, LSK trading will remain unaffected during this period. The exchange has also clarified that it will resume LSK deposits and withdrawals once the token migration is completed. However, OKX will no longer support LSK L1 deposits post-migration.

Risk Warning and Customer Support

OKX has issued a risk warning to its users, emphasizing the speculative nature of digital assets. It has advised users to conduct thorough research and evaluate their risk appetite before trading any digital asset. The exchange has also stressed that it is not responsible for any losses that users may incur from trading digital assets.

Users who have inquiries or require assistance can reach out to the OKX team via their support center or connect with them on any platform of choice.

OKX’s Commitment to User Experience

The decision to support the LSK token migration underlines OKX's commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for its traders. By facilitating this migration, OKX ensures that its users can continue trading LSK without any disruptions or inconveniences.

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