Nations Around the World Urged to Learn From China in Fighting Coronavirus Using Blockchain

Brian Njuguna  Apr 02, 2020 10:15  UTC 02:15

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As the number of people contracting coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to rise at an alarming rate has clocked more than 900,000 cases, governments are being pushed to the wall to tackle this pandemic. As reported by the Global Times on April 1, different stakeholders are urging other nations to embrace China’s effective model in fighting this pandemic by deploying blockchain technology.

China’s blockchain-powered solutions

China has been at the forefront of using blockchain technology when tackling COVID-19. For instance, it has been using this technological innovation in tracking down the spread of this disease, handling charitable donations, and storing medical records.

As reported by Blockchain.News on Feb.18, Shanzong, a blockchain-powered donation tracking platform, was established in China to enhance the transparency and efficiency of giving. Shanzong is among the more than 26 blockchain-enabled prevention applications that had been initiated in this nation by the end of February. They were widespread in areas, such as corporate financial services, epidemic prevention, material management, and charitable donation management. 

Notably, the Chinese government has been spearheading the establishment of blockchain-based solutions when it comes to sharing and gathering relevant information pertaining to COVID-19. Additionally, it has been encouraging enterprises to participate. 

Governments in other nations, especially local ones, are being asked to step in and heed the call of utilizing blockchain technology in tackling coronavirus as they rarely participate in such projects. They are being asked to follow in the footsteps of many Chinese local authorities, which have been at the frontline in the establishment of blockchain-enabled anti-pandemic platforms. For example, the Nansha district in Guangdong Province set up an epidemic control and prevention system pegged on blockchain technology in February. 

China’s diminishing number of confirmed infected cases

To lessen the number of people onsite, Beijing-based Market Supervision and Administration Bureau deployed blockchain technology to prompt digital transformation. Some of its functions include regulating food safety.

Blockchain has been instrumental in reducing the number of daily infections in China. 

Source: Worldometer

Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of using blockchain and artificial intelligence in epidemic prevention. 


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