MetaMask Snaps Elevate Security and Interoperability in the Web3 Space

Luisa Crawford  Jan 21, 2024 09:53  UTC 01:53

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MetaMask, a prominent figure in the blockchain and Web3 domains, has recently enhanced its offerings with a series of security-oriented plugins called MetaMask Snaps. These plugins are designed to extend the functionality of the MetaMask wallet, improving security and user experience.

Collaborative Efforts to Enhance Security

One of the notable advancements is the collaboration between Tenderly and Sayfer, culminating in the development of the 'Simulate Asset Changes Snap'. This integration leverages Tenderly’s simulation capabilities and Sayfer’s security auditing expertise, enriching MetaMask’s feature set and ensuring a more secure and transparent transaction environment for users​​.

Expansion of MetaMask's Reach

The reach of MetaMask Snaps has been significantly expanded through its integration with Hedera, an open-source, leaderless proof-of-stake network. This was made possible by Tuum Technologies, who developed the 'Hedera Wallet Snap'. This integration allows developers to seamlessly integrate Hedera’s functionalities into MetaMask-based applications, combining Hedera's speed and cost-effectiveness with MetaMask's security features​​​​.

Comprehensive Security Snaps

MetaMask has rolled out various security snaps, each addressing different aspects of transaction and wallet security:

Web3 Security Snap: Integrates AnChain’s AI-powered Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence scores into MetaMask.

Tenderly TX Preview Snap: Enables users to preview transactions before execution, offering valuable insights and avoiding failed transactions.

Kleros Scout Snap: Utilizes contract metadata from the Kleros Curate registries for transaction insights.

Forta Snap: Scans addresses in pre-signed transactions against a database of known scammers.

Blockfence Snap: Assesses transaction safety before approval.

Saferoot Snap: Intercepts dangerous transactions in real-time, moving assets to safety.

Assets Risk Detection Snap: Detects risks in user assets with GoPlus Security.

TM ChainSafer Snap: Provides transaction insight and security assessment.

Web3 Antivirus Snap: Offers reports about scams and risks in Web3 transactions.

Quick Intel Snap: Performs real-time token risk analysis across multiple blockchains.

Dedaub Snap: Facilitates transaction simulation and evaluates account trustworthiness​​.


MetaMask’s Snaps represent a significant advancement in securing Web3 interactions and transactions. The collaborations and integrations with various technologies underscore MetaMask's commitment to providing a safe and efficient user experience in the evolving digital asset landscape.

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