Manta Network Launches "Blast Off to Manta" with $MANTA Incentives

Luisa Crawford  Mar 07, 2024 17:10  UTC 09:10

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The Manta Network has announced the launch of its latest campaign, "Blast Off to Manta," aimed at accelerating the transition of users from Blast to the Manta ecosystem. This initiative not only promises instantaneous withdrawals but also offers a lucrative rewards system backed by a 50,000 $MANTA token pool. The campaign, which began on March 6th, will run until March 20th, providing a two-week window for users to capitalize on these offerings.

Instant Withdrawals and MANTA Rewards

In an effort to address the common frustration associated with withdrawal waiting periods, Manta Network has partnered with Free,, and iZUMi to facilitate immediate asset transfers. Users bridging their $ETH or stablecoins from Blast to Manta Pacific will bypass the typical 14-day withdrawal period and are eligible to receive $MANTA tokens as a token of appreciation from the network.

Bridging to Binance and Manta Ecosystem Access

Manta Network's collaboration with Binance allows for rapid and cost-effective bridging solutions to the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange. Additionally, users will have the opportunity to engage with over 230 applications within the Manta ecosystem, further extending the utility of their bridged assets.

Restaking and Additional Campaigns

The campaign also sets the stage for future restaking options on Manta Pacific, particularly for native ETH restaking. Users transferring their ETH from Blast to Manta Pacific stand to gain preferential treatment in upcoming main campaigns, with more incentives to be revealed for restaking participants.

Triple Rewards and RAWR Airdrop

A unique aspect of the campaign is the Triple Rewards Opportunity, where users can earn a RAWR airdrop in addition to Manta bridge and restaking rewards. This involves using or for bridging, followed by a swap on iZiSwap (Manta) to transition from BETH to ETH, and finally swapping for rstETH or other assets on Manta's platform.

Upcoming Double Rewards for Stablecoin Bridging

Looking ahead, Manta Network hints at a Double Rewards Opportunity concerning the bridging of USDB to iUSD and subsequent asset swaps on iZiSwap, with details to be announced.

Minimum Participation Requirements

To be eligible for the "Blast Off to Manta" campaign, participants must transfer a minimum of 0.1 ETH or $100 worth of stablecoins from Blast. The network also plans to expand the range of assets included in the campaign, urging users to follow their social channels for updates.

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