LocalBitcoins warns Tor Browser Users of Potential Bitcoin Theft

Lucas Cacioli  Sep 12, 2019 15:00  UTC 07:00

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LocalBitcoins, a Finnish crypto exchange, recently warned its users about the potential cybersecurity risks connected to the anonymous browser—Tor Browser.

Richard Bensberg, a transactional compliance expert, recently tweeted a screenshot of a LocalBitcoins banner that warned Tor Browser users that they could be at risk of having their Bitcoins stolen.

LocalBitcoins affirmed Bensberg’s tweet stating that there are no specific restrictions on Tor Browser users, they do not recommend the browser for security reasons. They did not offer any specific comments as to why Tor Browser may be particularly susceptible to cyber theft.

In the same tweet, Bensberg further criticized the intelligence of the exchange’s banner warning stating that Localbitcoins has “really lost the plot’ for discouraging users from a browsing tool that has so far been praised for providing privacy and anonymity.

Image via Needpix

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