Lightspeed Faction Unveils $285M Fund for Blockchain Innovation

Jessie A Ellis  Nov 10, 2023 16:06  UTC 08:06

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Lightspeed Faction, a leading venture capital firm with a focus on blockchain, has announced the launch of a $285 million venture fund, according to PR Newswire. This fund is earmarked for early-stage blockchain projects, signaling a significant commitment to advancing crypto technologies.

The newly established fund by Lightspeed Faction is poised to play a pivotal role in the blockchain sector. It aims to invest primarily in early-stage projects, offering not only financial backing but also expert guidance in areas such as tokenomics and business scaling. This initiative comes at a time when the industry is experiencing a shift, with many investors withdrawing from the crypto space.

Lightspeed Faction's team, composed of experts from Amber Group,, and Coinbase, brings a wealth of experience to the venture. Their crypto-native insights are expected to be invaluable for the emerging blockchain entrepreneurs they will support.

This venture is a collaborative effort with Lightspeed Venture Partners, blending Faction's exclusive focus on crypto with Lightspeed's extensive experience in Silicon Valley and business scaling. Despite the collaboration, Faction maintains its independence, with its own dedicated LP base and complete control over the investment decisions for the $285 million fund.

Co-Founder and General Partner Banafsheh Fathieh emphasizes Faction's deep belief in the transformative potential of crypto. The firm is set to invest in a wide array of blockchain projects that promise to revolutionize sectors like finance and telecommunications. Faction's investment strategy extends beyond financial returns, including fostering projects with significant societal impacts.

Faction has a history of investing in diverse blockchain projects, even during market downturns. Its portfolio includes Crossmint, Lens,, and others. The founding partners, Samuel Harrison and Banafsheh Fathieh, have a combined experience of deploying over $500 million in the blockchain and venture capital space, backing major industry players.

Samuel Harrison, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, highlights Faction's commitment to being a collaborative partner throughout a project's lifecycle. He underscores the potential of blockchain to bring about positive societal changes, such as more efficient and transparent financial services.

As a leading blockchain-native venture capital firm, Lightspeed Faction is uniquely positioned at the intersection of Silicon Valley venture capital expertise and deep blockchain knowledge. The firm focuses on early-stage startups in their Seed or Series A funding rounds, with a strong commitment to advancing the crypto industry and society.

Lightspeed Venture Partners, a multi-stage venture capital firm, has been instrumental in fostering innovations across various sectors. With a global team and $25B in AUM, Lightspeed has been a key player in the growth of over 500 companies worldwide.

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