Law Firm Pleads with Shaquille O Neal to Acknowledge Legal Complaint

Rebeca Moen  Apr 17, 2023 16:17  UTC 08:17

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The Moskowitz Law Firm, representing victims affected by the FTX collapse, has publicly appealed to NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal to acknowledge its legal complaint. The firm has been standing outside TNT studios in Atlanta all week, where O'Neal is employed as a television host, attempting to serve him on behalf of FTX investors regarding his previous endorsement of the now-defunct crypto exchange. However, his security guards have not allowed them in to deliver the legal complaint.

O’Neal is the only one among the “FTX celebrities” named in the class-action lawsuit filed against several celebrities for endorsing FTX, including Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Larry David, who has not yet been served. The law firm has stated that O’Neal has been “running” from them “for 3 months” and should show courtesy and honor by allowing its process servers to deliver the legal complaint on his behalf. This will enable him to defend his “actions in this matter.”

The Moskowitz Law Firm’s public plea highlights the legal challenges faced by FTX investors who lost funds due to the exchange’s collapse. It also emphasizes the responsibility of celebrities who endorse cryptocurrency platforms to understand the risks and potential impact of their actions on investors.

FTX was a major cryptocurrency exchange that collapsed in 2019, resulting in significant losses for its investors. The collapse led to a class-action lawsuit filed by affected investors against several celebrities who endorsed FTX. O’Neal, as one of the endorsers, is now being pursued by the Moskowitz Law Firm to acknowledge its legal complaint.

The Moskowitz Law Firm’s plea to O’Neal reflects the importance of acknowledging legal complaints and taking responsibility for one's actions. It also highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in the cryptocurrency industry to protect investors and prevent similar collapses from occurring in the future.

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