Kraken Acquires Registration for VASP in the Netherlands

Rebeca Moen  Feb 09, 2024 16:11  UTC 08:11

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Kraken has marked a significant milestone in its European growth strategy by securing a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) registration from the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). This achievement not only signifies Kraken's commitment to regulatory compliance but also underscores its strategic intent to expand its services within the European market, particularly in the Netherlands.

Strategic Importance of the Dutch Market

The Netherlands is recognized for its vibrant startup and technology sectors, coupled with one of the highest rates of cryptocurrency adoption in Europe—approximately 20% of Dutch citizens own crypto. This makes the country a strategically vital market for Kraken's European expansion plans. The exchange's recent acquisition of the Netherlands-based crypto exchange Coin Meester B.V. (BCM), pending regulatory approval, further demonstrates Kraken's intent to deepen its market presence in the country​​​​​​.

Expansion and Regulatory Compliance

Kraken's VASP registration in the Netherlands enables it to offer a comprehensive suite of services related to virtual assets, including exchange, transfer, custody, and wallet services. This expansion is part of Kraken's broader strategy to establish a solid footprint across Europe, having already secured VASP licenses in Spain, Italy, and Ireland, and operates in Belgium through a licensed subsidiary​​​​​​.

The VASP registration aligns with the impending EU's Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulatory framework, showcasing Kraken's proactive approach to compliance and its commitment to providing secure and regulated crypto services. This regulatory milestone contrasts with Kraken's legal challenges in the United States, where it faced allegations from the SEC for commingling customer funds and operating without proper registration​​.

Future Outlook

Kraken's securing of the VASP registration from DNB is not just a testament to its regulatory compliance but also a significant step towards its goal of becoming a leading player in the European crypto market. With this registration, Kraken aims to introduce its offerings to both retail and professional traders in the Netherlands and across Europe, further accelerating its European growth strategy and reinforcing its position amidst the evolving regulatory landscape​​​​.

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