Hong Kong Monetary Authority Issues Warning on Fraudulent Banking Website

Darius Baruo  Jun 07, 2024 20:51  UTC 12:51

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The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has issued an alert regarding a fraudulent website and internet banking login screen related to China CITIC Bank International Limited. This warning aims to protect the public from potential financial scams, as highlighted in a recent press release from the bank.

Fraudulent Website and Login Screen

According to the HKMA, the deceptive website and login screen have been reported, and the public is urged to be vigilant. The fraudulent site mimics the legitimate internet banking platform of China CITIC Bank, potentially tricking users into divulging sensitive personal information.

Public Advisory

The HKMA emphasizes that legitimate banks will never send SMS or emails with embedded hyperlinks directing customers to their websites for transactions. Furthermore, banks will not request sensitive personal information such as login passwords or One-Time Passwords (OTPs) via phone, email, or SMS. Customers are advised to be cautious of any such communications and avoid clicking on embedded links.

Action for Affected Individuals

Individuals who have inadvertently provided their personal information or conducted financial transactions via the fraudulent website or login screen are advised to contact China CITIC Bank immediately using the contact information provided in the official press release. Additionally, affected persons should report the incident to the Hong Kong Police Force's Crime Wing Information Centre at 2860 5012.

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