Harvard Blockchain Lab Applauds Fight to Fame Model for True Realization of Decentralized Ecosystem

Brian Njuguna  May 08, 2020 11:30  UTC 03:30

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Fight to Fame, a blockchain-based entertainment platform has been praised by the Harvard Blockchain Lab for consistently presenting decentralized events, online malls, movies, and action star reality shows. According to the release shared with Blockchain.news, it uses a BMS business model in the production of action movies, and fans are empowered by the FF Token when voting and making purchases.

Notable strides in the crypto space

By granting the fans using the platform with FF tokens, they can bet on preferred players, exchange derivatives, and buy tickets, and this offers an ideal way of crypto application. As a result, these tokens are circulated across the globe enabling users to create a consensus among themselves.

Rain Huan, a renowned cryptocurrency expert, noted, “Fight to Fame BMS conducts decentralized events, action star reality shows, movies, online malls with blockchain technology in the countries that support cryptocurrencies around the world, with FF tokens to purchase tickets, exchange derivatives, and bet on players, which truly realizes the application scenario of cryptocurrency.”

The Harvard Blockchain Lab asserted that numerous blockchain ventures have not stood the test of time in the entertainment industry. It, therefore, saw it fit to compliment Fight to Fame for stabilizing its token across the board. 

Innovative blockchain 4.0 technology

The BMS business model utilized by the platform exclusively employs blockchain 4.0 technology’s decentralized voting mechanism, and this prompts technical commands. 

According to Harvard’s Blockchain Lab, "The scope for the potential impact of cryptocurrency on entertainment industries like gaming and television streaming services is nothing short of exciting (to say the least), and it is always thrilling to see companies coming to the call and realizing that there are companies who are willing and able to rise to the challenge.”

The use of FF tokens is proving to be a game-changer in the entertainment sector. Recently, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) established a blockchain-enabled app to provide individuals’ immutable COVID-19 compliance conditions.


Image via Fight to Fame


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