Former Ripple (XRP) Director Navin Gupta Becomes Crystal CEO

Luisa Crawford  Feb 22, 2024 12:30  UTC 04:30

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Blockchain intelligence firm Crystal has named Navin Gupta, formerly of Ripple (XRP), as its new Chief Executive Officer. Gupta takes over from Marina Khaustova, who transitions into the role of Chief Operations Officer at Crystal.

Gupta joins from Ripple, where he led growth initiatives for the blockchain company in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia markets. His experience across banking giants HSBC and Citibank, as well as co-founding a commercial transport tech startup, makes him well-suited to guide Crystal's next phase of global expansion.

Ripple Experience

Gupta brings deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency space from his prior role at Ripple. The San Francisco-based company focuses on providing blockchain-powered payments technology, relying heavily on its XRP cryptocurrency.

"Navin Gupta successfully drove growth for Ripple in key markets like the Middle East and South Asia," noted the announcement from Crystal. "His roles at HSBC and CitiBank, and entrepreneurial experience as co-founder of a commercial transport technology platform, makes Gupta the perfect candidate to steer this next phase of expansion for Crystal."

Crystal Growth

Founded in 2018, Crystal offers blockchain analytics tools to help financial institutions and law enforcement monitor risks and comply with anti-money laundering regulations related to cryptocurrency transactions.

The company doubled its customer base in 2022 by focusing on cybercrime investigators and regulatory bodies. Crystal currently monitors over 50,000 entities and organizations and provides training programs for investigating crypto-related crimes.

"As we continue to see adoption grow, we are committed to leveraging new-age tech to stay ahead of the curve," stated Gupta. "Regulators need superior intelligence and cutting-edge tools to navigate these changes, and TradFi institutions are seeking to manage risks effectively as they enter the digital assets market."

With Gupta as CEO, Crystal aims to grow its presence globally across regions like the Middle East, Asia, and North America. The blockchain analytics space is rapidly evolving along with the growth of cryptocurrencies.

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