Coinbase Legal Chief Urges Swift US Crypto Legislation Amid Israel-Hamas Tensions

Jessie A Ellis  Oct 11, 2023 18:34  UTC 10:34

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Paul Grewal, the Chief Legal Officer at Coinbase, voiced a strong stance against funding malicious entities through cryptocurrencies in a series of tweets on October 11, 2023. His tweets come amidst escalating geopolitical tensions involving Israel and the terrorist organization, Hamas. Grewal labelled the situation as "evil," emphasizing that no funds should be directed towards supporting Hamas or similar organizations, irrespective of the form of assets—be it fiat currency, gold, or cryptocurrency.

Grewal underscored Coinbase's rigorous efforts to mitigate the misuse of cryptocurrencies on its platform. The measures include Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, sanctions screening, Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) reporting, and fostering strong partnerships with law enforcement agencies. He elucidated that these steps are integral to ensuring that cryptocurrencies are not leveraged for illicit purposes on Coinbase's platform.

Further, Grewal advocated for the swift enactment of sensible cryptocurrency legislation within the United States. He opined that fostering the cryptocurrency industry in nations adhering to the rule of law is crucial. This, according to Grewal, would prevent the industry from veering into regions where human rights and public safety are not prioritized.

The discourse triggered a ripple of responses from the crypto community, including remarks from Mike Alfred, who pointed out Binance's late response to similar issues, and Sam Morrow, who expressed gratitude for Binance's current involvement. Others questioned the implications of asset seizures on Coinbase, hinting at potential infringements on individual rights.

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