BitMEX to List NOTUSDT Perpetual Swap with 10x Leverage

Rebeca Moen  May 16, 2024 15:33  UTC 07:33

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BitMEX Announces NOTUSDT Perpetual Swap Listing

BitMEX, a leading cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, has announced the imminent listing of a new perpetual swap - NOTUSDT. This new listing will provide traders with the opportunity to leverage their trades up to 10x.

NOTUSDT Trading Details

NOTUSDT perpetual swap trading will commence later today. The exact timing will depend on the index constituents. BitMEX assures its users that all traders will receive notifications via site announcements and social channels once the listing goes live.

For more information on this new listing, users are directed to refer to the BitMEX blog. Additionally, any questions or concerns can be addressed to BitMEX's Support.

About BitMEX

BitMEX is a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange, known for its advanced trading options and high-leverage offerings. With the addition of the NOTUSDT perpetual swap, BitMEX continues to expand its product portfolio, providing its users with a diverse range of trading opportunities.

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