Binance Launches Feature to Implement Community Feedback in Roadmap Development

Blockchain.News Marketing  Feb 01, 2023 22:10  UTC 14:10

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A new feature empowers users to provide in-depth feedback on product improvements and new features as Binance ramps up community participation in its ecosystem in 2023.


PARIS, FRANCE, FEB 1 – Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, launches a new feature to gather and act upon user feedback in a long-lasting, dynamic fashion. The feedback tool introduces a dedicated area for users to provide feedback and comments, ranging from suggestions for product improvements to community ideas covering new features. 


The launch of the feedback tool marks the first phase of a multi-phase project. After months of testing and experimenting, the Binance product team has developed a new feature enabling the community to participate in the platform’s future product roadmap. This dedicated space will make it easier for users to suggest ideas for product features they want to see on Binance. 


The product team has clarified that the central idea behind launching this new tool is to create a more direct way to gather feedback from the community on the features they want to see. Accordingly, the Binance product team will review all suggestions, following which the team will build a public-facing roadmap of all user-suggested features in March 2023.


Once the public-facing roadmap goes live, the Binance community can vote on the proposed features. Based on the results, the Binance product team will add the top suggested features to its roadmap. The Binance team will continue adding live updates related to the progress of the features that people request. The feedback section will be updated later this year to allow people to leave feedback for features launched through the program. 


We love hearing feedback from the community, whether it's direct from the customer or from reviewing comments from social channels and messages - Binance has always built feedback into the product development process,” explains Binance Head of Product Mayur Kamat. On average, we get around 1000 pieces of feedback every month - now we have a dedicated place for the community to make suggestions and leave a lasting impact on future Binance product developments.”


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