Binance Integrates DeXe (DEXE) on BNB Smart Chain, Opens Deposits and Withdrawals

Rebeca Moen  Jun 14, 2024 01:09  UTC 17:09

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Binance Completes DeXe Integration

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has successfully integrated DeXe (DEXE) on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), according to Binance's latest announcement. The integration opens up the platform for deposits and withdrawals of the DEXE token.

Details of the Integration

The integration of DeXe on the BNB Smart Chain represents a significant step for both Binance and the DeXe community. Users can now deposit and withdraw DEXE tokens on the BNB Smart Chain, providing them with more flexibility and efficiency in their transactions.

Binance has provided users with their assigned token deposit addresses, which can be accessed here. Additionally, the smart contract address for the DEXE token on the BNB Smart Chain can be viewed on BscScan here.

Implications for Users

This integration is expected to enhance the liquidity and utility of the DEXE token across the Binance ecosystem. By leveraging the BNB Smart Chain, users can benefit from lower transaction fees and faster processing times compared to Ethereum-based transactions.

Additional Information

Binance has emphasized that there may be discrepancies in translated versions of the announcement and recommends referring to the original English version for the most accurate information. The exchange also reserves the right to amend or cancel the announcement at its discretion.

For further details, users are encouraged to visit the official announcement on Binance's website here.


Binance has reminded users that digital asset prices are subject to high market risk and price volatility. The value of investments can fluctuate, and there is no guarantee of returns. Users are advised to make informed investment decisions and consult independent financial advisors if necessary.

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