Binance Integrates ARC-20 Tokens on Inscriptions Marketplace, Offers Zero-Fee Trading

Luisa Crawford  Apr 03, 2024 16:22  UTC 08:22

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Binance has recently integrated ARC-20 tokens into its Inscriptions Marketplace, expanding the range of inscription tokens available for trading. The integration of ARC-20 tokens further enhances the functionality and options within the Binance Web3 Wallet.

Users can now enjoy zero-fee trading on ARC-20 tokens during the promotion period, which runs from April 3 to June 2, 2024. This promotion provides an opportunity for traders to engage in ARC-20 token trading without incurring any fees.

Binance Inscriptions Marketplace serves as a one-stop solution within the Binance Web3 Wallet. It allows users to inscribe and trade various inscription tokens, including BRC-20 tokens, EVM tokens, and now ARC-20 tokens. This marketplace offers a convenient platform for users to explore and participate in the inscription token ecosystem.

  1. To access the Inscriptions Marketplace and start trading ARC-20 tokens, users need to follow these steps:
  2. Log in to the Binance App and navigate to the [Wallets] tab.
  3. Click on [Web3] and select [Markets].

At the top left-hand corner of the page, click on [Inscriptions] to access the Inscriptions Marketplace.

Binance Inscriptions Marketplace provides users with a seamless trading experience, enabling them to mint, trade, and manage various inscription tokens. The integration of ARC-20 tokens expands the range of options available to traders and further strengthens the Inscriptions Marketplace's position as a comprehensive platform for inscription token trading.

It's important to note that Binance Web3 Wallet is an optional product, and users should assess its suitability for their needs. Binance assumes no liability for the use of third-party applications or any disputes arising from such transactions. Users are advised to review the Binance Web3 Wallet Terms of Use and conduct their own research before engaging with the platform.

In conclusion, Binance's integration of ARC-20 tokens on its Inscriptions Marketplace offers users the opportunity to engage in zero-fee trading for a limited time. This update enhances the range of inscription tokens available within the Binance Web3 Wallet and provides traders with more options to explore and participate in the inscription token ecosystem.

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